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ncjw wrote: Fri May 28, 2021 8:49 am Mostly failure to return to battery.

BTW, check out the Marine Gun Builder. Some major fitting is usually needed on the rear rails and trigger housing.

Once tuned up, it should be a very good value for a RMR equipped and railed .45.
Yeah I'm sub'd to his channel. My rear rails seem to fit ok, tracking has my trigger housing arriving tomorrow. Had occasional RTB issues with a p80 19 I built, I put in an old OEM guide rod/spring and it seems fine now, had a generic slide completion kit and I guess the original guide rod was crap. I just went ahead and put a tungsten rod in my Strike80 build and that was flawless off the bat.
Ben W. wrote: Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:29 am I doubt I'll be buying ammo any time soon. Fortunately, I had stashed away enough ....
I've got a stash too, but dwindling. The new FFL applicant are one half the story.

I've a good friend, sorta yuppie, who decided in 2020 to buy a pistol for home defense. Great. He bought a $3k Wilson Combat EDC X9 and 3 50x boxes of ammo. So far he has put ZERO rounds through his $3k pistol almost a year later!!! I was at his place last Winter, and he brought out his safe-queen. I'm not a 1911/2011 fanboi, but VERY nice pistol. Then he brings out 2 boxes of Winchester white box ball, and one box of American Eagle hollow point, and tells me that the AE-JHP is "very special"and he'd never fire that but in self defense. I didn't have the heart to tell him that AE was special as in "Walmart-special" and that he better learn how that ammo interacts with his untested 2011 before the issue becomes critical. I DID suggest we go to a range soon (didn't happen).

TL;DR - the idea that suburban yuppies are expending a lot of ammo on their first gun seems questionable. I *think* the ammo shortage is about "regulars' stocking up on 2k ot 5k rounds.
Actually, you just proved the theory. If the 4-5M new gun owners since the "mostly peaceful" riots last summer bought just four boxes of ammo each - that's a billion more rounds than normal.

I agree that hoarding has a lot to do with it, especially primers, but which came first? Once prices started going up did hoarding begin then? I don't think anyone knows for sure.

Unless the Dem nutjobs do more stupid things (quite probable), prices will come down in time.
Another indication is that TSUSA and Lucky Gunner have had $1/rd defensive 9mm in stock for a week or more.

Even these had been flying off of the shelves earlier, so maybe people have hit a limit on what they will pay.
Bought 100 rounds of Aguila cphp 22 lr today at Rural King for $4.99/50 rounds today. No bargain there, but good to see it available. They had 500 round bricks of Norma, but they were somewhere close to $90/brick.....F that!

Got notice today that the ammo I had ordered from Federal has shipped. Their notice of 12-15 days before orders ship is pretty accurate.
ShooterMcGavin wrote: Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:15 pm Bought 100 rounds of Aguila cphp 22 lr today at Rural King for $4.99/50 rounds today. No bargain there, but good to see it available.
Not bad compared to what I'm seeing here. Most places where I've seen any available have been $10/50 regardless of brand. Aguila or CCI Blazer.

Closest to a deal I've found had been Wal Mart, I've found the Federal Automatch 325ct. LRN for $17/box.
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