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By gunn
I just received the Sub 2000 and converted to Canik. It fits in my go bag perfectly. I wanted to test it at the range, but the dang snow came in early. I will do a range report as soon as it clears up. The mags lock and release perfectly.
By gunn
I own 2 Keltec's now, the RDB and this one. RDB is fantastic. Let's hope this one is also.
TL1000RSquid wrote: Wed Mar 10, 2021 11:47 pm Always heard good things about them could never bring myself to buy one though they just feel so flimsy, I kinda want the pmr 22.
I love shooting my Keltec PMR22, but it is a bit finicky. I've heard the later ones are better, but I had to tweak my mags so that they fit up tight and snug. As purchased, they were a little loose and I would get feed problems frustratingly often. But when it runs, it is as fun as Cousin It in a hurricane.

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