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By Reggietsfree
Hey Studs,

Just wan6ed to give the ones who didn't know it, Buffalo Bore has some pretty decent inventory currently.
I bought some +P 124 JHP's .
The 9MM +P OUTDOORSMAN 147gr. Hard Cast FN round is just plain STUPID!!! :shock:
Probably hook up on some them for firewood trips deep in the thickets of Alabama just in case 2 legged or 4 legged critters decide they need a selfie with me! :)) .
They seem to have quite the reputation for dropping the burliest of forest dwelling beast.
Here are the 147 gr hard cast numbers from various 9mm guns:
➤ 1,088 fps ------ SIG P226 Elite - with 5-inch threaded barrel
➤ 1,116 fps ------ H&K USP Tactical - with 4.7-inch threaded barrel
➤ 1,096 fps ------ Browning Hi-Power - with 4.6-inch barrel
➤ 1,083 fps ------ Glock model 19 - with 4-inch barrel
➤ 1,089 fps ------ Walther P88 - with 4-inch barrel
➤ 1,021 fps ------ Ruger LC9 - with 3-inch barrel
➤ 1,024 fps ------ SIG P938 - with 2.9-inch barrel ... list&c=146


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