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By FiteNess
.. to balance the Navy / Marine ratio here's my two cents..

1993 put my feet on the yellow footprints at MCRD San Diego and spent the first few years as a 6015 (Harrier Jet Engine Mechanic).
1999 became a Marine Security Guard and protected the Russian, Polish and Egyptian embassies as an 8151.
2003 lat moved to 6212 (Joint Strike Fighter Engine Mechanic).
2006 was selected by the 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps to be his personal protection team lead.
2009 became an 8411 and recruited Marines in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.
2016 became an 8999 and spent the last few years as a Company First Sergeant or Battalion Sergeant Major and retired this January (2019)
Held various other MOS's 0149, 9936, 3531 etc. I guess all that fun deployment stuff falls in there too, Mostly Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and I can't tell you how many LHA/LHD's I've been stuck on (USS Essex, USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Wasp..)
I was in over 15 different units and really didn't stay in one place longer then 2 years. I get bored kind of easy and the Marine Corps was the perfect place for me to keep being challenged with new places and people.
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By FiteNess
SouthernTP9 wrote: Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:39 am Got a little over 32yrs TIS at this point.
That is a lot of active duty time! Which service are you in? For Marines we don't get to go over 30 without a service waiver (normally approved for very specific billets like SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps etc.) otherwise its retirement period. Congratulations on your Canik's, those are great models!
16 of those 32 are AD. By time I hit my 20, I'll have right at 37-38yrs total TIS. Army National Guard. Some sneeze at the Guard but working for both the Commander in Chief and Governor is not always easy.
By gunn
11F Infantry Operations and Intelligence, 1971-76. Last assignment Joint US Military Advisory Group. (Us Embassies Athens, Tele Aviv, Italian Embassy Damascus Syria)
By HDanielC
Army, 45E turret mechanic M1A1, 94-97, 2nd AD/4th ID, Ft. Hood TX.

Was stationed there as the 2nd Armor Devision (Hell On Wheels!!!) became 4th Infantry Devision, mechanized.
We were a part of Task Force 2000; and I can remember my mind being blown away by the notion of gps navigated training simulators.
By 45shooter
Thank you all for your service.

I was in the Canoe Club (Navy) from 1977 to 1980. Washed out of ET school (electronics just made no sense) and went to San Diego for duty on an old destroyer. Struck for Quartermaster and made E5 before I got out in 80. Made one Westpac cruise. Ship was kind of old and we spent a lot of time broke down. Brought tears to my eyes when I heard they decommissioned her and used her for target practice off the coast of Washington. Just an old piece of metal but, guys know.

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