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By BlasterRick
I guess I missed this roll call until now . USN, been around the world and to 3 county fairs. ROTC Surface Warfare Officer, but don't hold that against me. Mainly a gator sailor; got off active duty after Desert Storm, then did reserves, and still work for the Navy as a civilian. I have lots of good sea stories. They all start with "this is no B.S."!
By Kb327
USN 1983-2007. Mostly a Cold War guy chasing subs. After that, support stuff in the Middle East. Generally speaking, not a bad gig until the very end.
By RetiredLE
USAF 20 years (Nov 1965 to Dec 1985) Medic that flew MedEvac and Air Rescue in the "South East Asia War Games", June 66 to Dec 67. Retired as E-7. Then did 21 years in law enforcement retiring from that in 2007. Did a stint in Kandahar Assganistan 2007 working as a contractor and another stint in Qatar in 2008.
By Crewzin
US Army 67-73 2 1/2 tours in Viet Nam and Then Ft. McPherson Ga. Sent me there because they had a Vascular Lab which i need due to a blood clot issue on my 3rd tour in Nam
SSG Co L 75th Inf (Ranger) Det 101 Airborne div. Camp Eagle, then CCN DaNang for 1 1/2 tours
By Crewzin
Alpine59 wrote: Sun Jun 12, 2022 7:27 am Until I read this post, I had never realized that there were 'other branches of service'. Being that all the 'others' exist to service the needs of the US Army...

US Army E-8 over 20.
O5B Tactical Radio Operator
31V Tactical Communications Chief
31VS A4 Special Forces Communications Sergeant
Army commo Signal Corp NOS later became SF MOS 18E SF Commo Weenie
18Z Special Forces Operations Sergeant

101st Airborne Ft Campbell KY
3rd Infantry Division Schweinfurt Germany
10th Special Forces Group Bad Tolz Germany
82nd Airborne Division Ft Bragg NC
7th Special Forces Group Fort Sherman Panama
SOCOM (Original Electric Pony Army SOCOM)
SOCSOUTH Albrook AFB Panama

Airborne / HALO / SCUBA / Sniper / Pathfinder / Air Assault / Jump Master / Dive Soup / Senior Mountaineer / Ski Instructor / Mountain Leader / Winter Warfare Instructor / Mountain Cold Weather Operations Instructor / SOT / CIF

Thank you all for your service.

Like Freedom? Thank a vet.
Ft Sherman what a dump worst place in the world I thought Nam was a cake walk after that place lol
By ncjw
I met one of my now best friends about 15 years ago. He is a shortish, gruff, scraggly bearded, chain smoking, Harley riding, SOB and about a year older than I am. He also has a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

It turns out that I am a year or so too young for Vietnam and never served anyway. He wasn't. Didn't matter, he enlisted to go. Didn't find out that he was there for the first year or so. When I asked him what he did, he just said "lirp", which was meaningless to me. A few years later, I found out that lirp was LRRP, or Army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol. A few years after that he started sharing stories of what he actually did over there.

So whenever you see one of these Canik Fanatiks drop an SF, SOCCOM, Recon, LRP/LRRP, chances are that they have some spine chilling stories to tell that you won't hear until you have known them for years, and maybe not even then (I am good friends with an ex-SEAL team commander who NEVER discusses anything about his service in the field - logistics, chain of command issues, sure, but never combat).

There is also a good chance that that old, gruff, scraggly bearded SOB is a bad MF'er.
By tbare
US Army 1992-1998 92GZ10 Enlisted Aide for
Gen Griffith Vice Chief of Staff Army
Previously 94B (92G) 3rd US Infantry The Old Guard


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