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By JoshT
First, I love my TP9SFX, it isn't going anywhere. I wouldn't hesitate to add another Canik to my safe if it suited my needs at the time. Second, I'm not going to get into a debate about Taurus, my dad and I have had several and they were all good guns.

So recently (well for about a year) I've wanted a new carry gun, even though I rarely get the opportunity to do so due to my job. I've had a few that fit the bill, just never liked carrying them, so looking for something else. That might be one of the draw backs of being a gun nut and carrying, never fully satisfied with what you've got. I can see it being a fashion accessory, a different one for every occasion.

I was looking at the Canik TP9 Elite SC, but after handling a few of them I decided it was just too bulky for what I wanted. Narrowed the selection down to a the Mossberg MC1sc, Ruger LC9s, or Taurus G3C. Not a lot of difference in size, but they are a little thinner and that seems to make all the difference for me in carrying it.

After handling them I eventually decided on the G3C which I picked up at Academy with the Viridian Laser for about $330. Had the opportunity to take it to the range once and it shoots well. I definitely need to practice with it and I think a set of night sights would be a good investment, but so far I'm happy with the purchase.

Anyhow, I mostly wanted to post because of the magazine. The G3C magazine looked awfully similar to the magazine in my TP9 SFx. While at the range I loaded 10 or so rounds in one of my 20 round SFx magazines and gave it a try. The G3C cycled, fired, and fed fine with the Canik Mag. Only thing it failed on was last round bolt hold open. Since its a config I'd only use at the range its not something I'm concerned with and I didn't look into why. Just nice knowing that I can also use my spare Canik mags as range mags for the G3C.

Don't know if the G3C mag would function in the smaller Caniks, I imagine it would only work in the Elite SC if it did any. Also don't know if the shorter Elite SC magazines would work in the G3C, but the larger Canik mags do. If someone wants to gift me an Elite SC I'll give it a try. :YMPRAY: :d
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By buddyd157
i too have the Taurus G3c, got it last summer, for like $300 out the door. i have bought Taurus only, factory mags, i do not even consider using a mag from another gun company.

that being said, make sure you try a few different hollow point ammo companies.

for mine, the Federal HST works.

i do not carry concealed yet, i need to get permitted, and when i do, i might carry a smaller 1911, or a Glock 30, as i like the .45 ACP more than a 9mm

i bought the G3c, just for a range toy mostly, and maybe a home defense back up, to my Glock 17.
By JoshT
The magazine compatibility was not a concern or even a thought when I purchased. It was just something noticed while looking at the two of them. I just noticed the similarities, verified that it worked, and wanted to share.

I wouldn't consider carrying the Taurus with a Canik magazine, I also wouldn't consider carrying the Canik without a MecGar magazine. Would I switch it up at the range? Yes, I'd rather be shooting than reloading magazines.

I'm not even close to carrying it yet. First order of business is to shoot it a lot with standard ball and get used to it. Well can't really do that until I can reliably replenish the ammo supply. After I get better with it I'll start looking into ammo preferences, no point in wasting good ammo if I can't shoot the gun properly. Also got to find a holster I like. Only thing I've been able to find locally is a DeSantis Pegasus, but its Kydex and I prefer leather/cloth for IWB.

I'm permitted to carry, but due to my job I can't usually do it. Federal property restrictions, apparently up to base commander to allow permit holders, and our commanders have always said no.

Don't and probably won't own a glock, but got 2 1911s and like 45. I'd probably carry a 1911 in 45 acp ig anyone made what I want. A few have made it in the past, but to buy a new one right now it's have to be a custom gun and I don't have that kind of money. I think it's been called a Reverse CCO. Officer slide on a commander frame. Short slide with a long grip, I'd go dove tail on the grip. I can hide the frame without too much trouble, but I don't like sitting down with an Govt or Commander on my hip. We'll see what the next few years do concerning 2A, but I've got half a mind to buy a bare 1911 frame and build my own.
By ncjw
Building your own 1911 is just like building a P80 Glock, except about 10 times harder... Lots and lots of fitting, tinkering, problem solving, re-buying parts you messed up and swearing, lots of swearing.

If are looking for the challenge and have a lot of time on your hands and tools, have fun.
By gunn
How is your trigger on the G3c? Mine is terrible. Or maybe I am spoiled by my Canik's.
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