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By Caanuride
From everything I can see, it looks as if Canik is only producing the Tungsten colored TP9SF Elite. Can anyone verify that? I was really hoping to pick up a black one (not a huge fan of Tungsten). And while asking the experts here, have they discontinued the ONE series as well?

Thanks much!
By 45shooter
Living in a small town, I do most of my gun shopping on Gunbroker. After looking there, it looks like you're right. I hadn't noticed it but all they had was tungsten/black. They did, however, have 2 used black ones , if you're interested. If not, you might have to wait for more to come out or spend the extra money and get the Combat Executive. Neat guns and well worth the extra money. Good luck!
By Caanuride
Ya, I'll wait it out for now. If I have no choice, then I'll opt for the Tunsten/black. I'm a little gun shy (no pun intended) about used Caniks as the one I do have, the Elite Sub-compact I had real issues with and had to work in length with customer service. It took me a while to come around to want another one. I love the trigger, but I want the warranty for sure...
By ncjw
Makes sense though. With everything not nailed down going at full retail, if not a premium over retail, no reason to market the discount ONE line.
By Canik538
To get a SF Elite in all black you have to get the SF Elite Combat Executive. That is if you can live with a gold barrel or just have the barrel re-plated in black.
By Dustdevil
Pickin's are slim with the SF Elite right now. Finding a 15 rd. mag is all but impossible. You're lucky to find an Elite at all, much less in your color choice.

I love that gun, though.
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