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By colonel00
Not sure where to put this so hopefully this works.

Anyway, a person on Reddit was asking about mounting an optic to an SF. I referred him to Janik's thread about using the Glock plate. I guess when he tried to register it also asks a question and his was something about which model was best for competition. Seems like a simple question but it makes sense that many new people don't know all of the models and what they are better at. He got the question wrong and this couldn't join.
Just wanted to mention it.
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Ghostwolf308 wrote: Thu Feb 18, 2021 12:41 am The reason for the questions is go prevent spambots. We have changed them a few times and the current one seem to be the best compromise
Yeah, I understand the reason for having them. Just letting you know that not every new member may know the answer to them. I don't know what all the questions are but it obviously kept at least one person from joining the forum. What are they supposed to do now?
Ghostwolf308 wrote: Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:23 am Ask a friend thats on thw forum, send a message to the mods on the fb group oe mewe group. They can geg him the awnsers
Well, I mean what is this person supposed to do after answering incorrectly? Will it allow him to try to join again?

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