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Hi all - I just got my T9 Elite SDC with shield optic. (18 day in USPS transit - sigh).
I own a CZ full-size and was looking for a great carry pistol - handled an SFX and decided (based on many reviews) that the Tp9E'-SC was my choice,
1/ the hand-hold ergos are great (I *will* try the bigger handle grip wrt left-heel placement).
2/ Trigger is fabulous - better than CZ!!
3/ I'm having zero problem sighting the red-dot - it comes right into sight naturally.
4/ the 15rnd 2nd mag wins.

1/ feels a little heavy on the hip (but 12rnds in an SC wins hugely)
2/ the recoil spring *feels* strong/heavy. Are there problems w/ this, as in big-bro models ?j
3/ I'm old (like dirt) so red-dot is very valuable. But the Shield in-dark seems to have a lot of (50hz??) trailing dots. My other pistol (trijicon) & carbine (holoson) don't have this problem.
4/ Holster is ... OK - basic and awkward - decent, not great.
5/ I SHOULD have read the reviews deeper and ordered the non-Shield and mod'ded a holosun 507k into place (my opinion).
FWIW I will order & place the holosun into service. Anyone wanna buy my Shield ?>

My questions -
1. Are there useful recoil spring-sets (and maybe heavier guide-rods) for the tp9E-SC ?
2. I've read the great H507K-x2 articles - that's my plan.
3. WTF holster. I've converted my OWB Canik to IWB config and applied a heat guns and I appreciate the effort & day1 access - but not my cuppa tea. Who can spec a great IWB/AIWB system for the SC?

My priority -
Holster for SC ?
Springs for SC ?
Optics adapters ?
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I'd say go for the holosun for sure. I'm running the green reticle 507c on my P10S and I love it, I have a couple RMR's as well and in the future I think I'll save my money and buy more holosuns. Actually want to buy another now but they've been OOS or marked way up.

You will know I am a frugal nooB as well, when I say that I use a holster from Concealment Express.
I got the ambidextrous IWB model for my Elite.
Last year I ran my Elite left handed (for range exercises), however, adding my new SC adds another variable.
The good news is the same holster for my Elite works with my SC, and even seems to keep it a little more stable than a short little holster. You really cannot go wrong if you add their claw as well.

The last customization is adding a steel tuckable clip from Vedder.
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