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Hi all - I just got my T9 Elite SDC with shield optic. (18 day in USPS transit - sigh).
I own a CZ full-size and was looking for a great carry pistol - handled an SFX and decided (based on many reviews) that the Tp9E'-SC was my choice,
1/ the hand-hold ergos are great (I *will* try the bigger handle grip wrt left-heel placement).
2/ Trigger is fabulous - better than CZ!!
3/ I'm having zero problem sighting the red-dot - it comes right into sight naturally.
4/ the 15rnd 2nd mag wins.

1/ feels a little heavy on the hip (but 12rnds in an SC wins hugely)
2/ the recoil spring *feels* strong/heavy. Are there problems w/ this, as in big-bro models ?j
3/ I'm old (like dirt) so red-dot is very valuable. But the Shield in-dark seems to have a lot of (50hz??) trailing dots. My other pistol (trijicon) & carbine (holoson) don't have this problem.
4/ Holster is ... OK - basic and awkward - decent, not great.
5/ I SHOULD have read the reviews deeper and ordered the non-Shield and mod'ded a holosun 507k into place (my opinion).
FWIW I will order & place the holosun into service. Anyone wanna buy my Shield ?>

My questions -
1. Are there useful recoil spring-sets (and maybe heavier guide-rods) for the tp9E-SC ?
2. I've read the great H507K-x2 articles - that's my plan.
3. WTF holster. I've converted my OWB Canik to IWB config and applied a heat guns and I appreciate the effort & day1 access - but not my cuppa tea. Who can spec a great IWB/AIWB system for the SC?

My priority -
Holster for SC ?
Springs for SC ?
Optics adapters ?
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I'd say go for the holosun for sure. I'm running the green reticle 507c on my P10S and I love it, I have a couple RMR's as well and in the future I think I'll save my money and buy more holosuns. Actually want to buy another now but they've been OOS or marked way up.

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