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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
Serious question. For those who didn't buy cheap and stack it deep, do you buy now when 9mm is 70 to 80 cents a round? Or do you wait and hope that all the proposed legislation falls flat, and prices begin to decline? For those who are new to firearm ownership, I understand you may not have a choice. But given the proposed legislation, we know they want to choke off online retailers. We also know they want to force USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. to stop delivering items that are firearm related. Again, all this legislation could fall flat, but it could also pass since the Dems have the power. So a serious question, do you continue to purchase ammo at inflated prices? Or are you willing to gamble, and wait and see if the hype calms down and the prices begin to decline. Some people are still reporting that ammo is on the shelves in their area and the price isn't too inflated. Others, such as myself, only see empty shelves. Just a topic for discussion, nothing more. I've been researching online ammo today and this is worse than 2008 and 2012.
Janik wrote: Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:59 pm do you continue to purchase ammo at inflated prices?
No, I will not purchase at these inflated prices. But that is a qualified answer.

I have plenty of self-defense ammo in hand and I handload. I'm currently only loading competition rounds but loading self-defense ammo just basically requires an increase in powder and a different bullet.

What happens if I run out of components and the only ammo available is north of $0.75 per round? I'm guessing I would be forced to buy. Or, I could carry an AR or 9mm carbine with me in public.

That sounds interesting.
colonel00 wrote: Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:53 pm "Affordable" ammo is out there. Just have to keep an eye out. This was at Scheel's the other day.
Definitely not horrible pricing. There's a Scheel's about an hour away from me. I'm sure if I make the drive, the shelves will be empty, LOL. Thankfully I'm not in a position that I need to buy, but I'm always looking.
My 9mm hoard is dwindling at about 1K rounds per 6 months, way slower than usual. As a result, I don't go as often and I don't bring steel, it's just too addictive.

Now that the election is over, I will slow down even more. I'm not paying these prices and although we all thought it was going to be the end of the world when Obama was elected and it wasn't, this time it may be.

After the mail order ammo ban passes and ammo companies get their credit cancelled, what I have may have to last a very long time.

If they start jacking up prices on golf balls then I am out of options...
i have a stash of ammo that i was buying from like back in February, when i started this sport. i was buying 9MM ammo, 1,000 rds for like $169.00

now for my range trips, i stop at a store and buy reloaded ammo. 50 rds for $20, and bring back the spent casings, and get $2.00 of the next purchase, so $18.00

i suggest looking for "blemished" ammo, and stores that sell reloaded ammo.
Been grabbing some whenever I can snag it reasonably priced since March. Been getting harder and harder to find any reasonably priced since November(not paying over .50cpr). Had been hitting Academy frequently on there shipment arrival days and buying the 3 box limit of bulk packs, but a friend tells me Academy hasnt received any shipments in over a week now.

I think if you haven't already stocked up you're pretty screwed for the foreseeable future .

I been stocking up on parts and mag's now since the election.
TL1000RSquid wrote: Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:45 pm I been stocking up on parts and mag's now since the election.
That's pretty much where I'm at. Other than buying some 9mm projectiles the other day for reloading, I've been focusing on parts and mags so I can keep what I have functioning. Let's hope things calm down and ammo comes back into supply. I miss the days of blasting 4 or 500 rounds on a Sunday morning.
I've cut way back on my shooting. I have some factory ammo, but mostly I reload. I have plenty of components at the moment, more than enough to get me through this year of casual shooting and competitions here. Big problem is primers, just like everyone else. I have a good number in stock but how to get more? I'm thinking that this current shortage will go away eventually, hopefully before the end of this year. So, I'm not buying ammo now.
I'm buying 100 rds of 9mm every week, as well as occasional other calibers. I just shoot less at the range than I used to, but make the drills count.
Have to keep buying 9mm because that is what I need to train with, as that is what I carry and use for home defense. Sucks, but not much choice. I keep a continual 15-1800 rds in the safe of range ammo, but really need to beef up the extra defensive rds.

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