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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
There is nothing available near me, I have checked our Sportsman's Wearhouse and Scheels. I talked to people working there in both and they said they have not seen any ammo come through in weeks. Even the obscure rifle cartridge's with a 1/4 inch of dust on the top is gone, it's really pathetic. But if it were available I wont pay over $25 box of 50 for any plinking ammo in the calibers I have. I would jump on that $17 Blazer at Scheels though.
It makes my blood boil to see 9mm ammo priced at over $800 per case when a year ago you could buy it for $180 shipped. I've been a avid shooter and reloader for over 40 years and have seen shortages come and go things will get better but it won't be soon. I guess I'm lucky about a year ago Fiocchi small pistol primers were $320 for a case of 12,000 with free shipping. I had never used Fiocchi before but I took a chance and bought enough to last me for a couple years and I'm happy I did.
ncjw wrote: Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:29 pm As of this second at SG Ammo (5 in stock if you want it):

1000 Rounds - 9mm Luger 124 Grain FMJ NATO Military Spec Ammo Made by CBC in M2A1 Can - Limit 1 - 1000 Rounds


That is the equivalent of THREE Canik TP9 SF pistols at the going rate when I bought mine ($275). The SF is a great gun, better IMHO than the similar Glock 17.


I watched the Youtubes by Federal and Hornady saying that they are making ammo as fast as they possibly can, but I am also on notification from a few ammo mail order places and it doesn't seem like they are getting much in.

The Dems can't do much of anything about the guns, no one is going to be surrendering them when they finally outlaw them, and 400M are just too many to track. They may try and do something about ammo though.
I'm sure their goal is to choke off supply of ammo. I know they know it would be difficult to chase down every gun, but they can still make ownership a felony. But my thought has always been that they will make it impossible for retailers to do business online, and choke off the supply of ammo, parts and guns. Things are going to get interesting. Hope I'm wrong.
I've been tracking primer prices on gunbroker. Running in the 28 to 35 cents/each range right now for small pistol. That's roughly 10-11x normal prices. Ultimately, I will need to buy some more so it is what it is, I guess.

My question is this though: do you think that when they ban online sales, will it actually help us? If there wasn't a place gunbroker, there would be no outlet to sell primers at 35 cents each. I assume at that point we'll have to buy stuff via "mail order" like the old days, but it might eliminate the phenomena of people buying stuff up at normal retail prices and then turning around to auction it at 10x what they paid. There is definitely some of that going on, including by some gun shops.
I hate to say it but I do not think ammo prices are going to decrease anytime soon. This is already as bad and possibly worse than post-Sandy Hook and we are now seeing some additional elements added to it.

Biden is talking about sweeping gun and ammo control.
Biden is talking about making one of the most anti-2a people in history US Attorney General.
There will likely be incredible pressure on all democrats in the house and senate to go along with whatever radical control agenda the more anti-2A liberals want to put in place.
The US Supreme Court might be the only thing that saves us unless state legislatures make it damn clear they will not allow it in their states. 2A + 10A is a fairly strong argument for firearms already in private possession.
The Truth About Ammo – GunsAmerica Exclusive Interview With Hornady ... h-hornady/

"“Now there’s a shortage in corrugated cardboard nationwide. Explosive certified cardboard is in even shorter supply. We’re starting to see issues with some of the other stuff, primers in particular,” he said."
you know, i have been saying maybe not here but on some other sites, that i wanted to reload my own ammo. i have been saving my brass (and other brass in my sweepings at the range) for some time now.

i as of now, have about 2,000 cases of 9MM and maybe about 1,500 cases of .45 ACP.

thing is, everyone has an opinion on very good reloading presses. "in person" face to face, i have been told the Dillon Square Deal B, would be great, if i only want to load hand gun ammo, and YES, that is only what i want to reload, as i do not have and do NOT want to have any rifles.

but, there are other very good reloading presses that i am looking at as well, the Hornady, and the Lee, and maybe even an RCBS.

i may not want a single stage set up, i think maybe a turret, as for a progessive? maybe as well......too many choices. but what i do know is, not too much of anything is available, like...well, the presses, and the dies.....

my "dream" would be to have 2 presses, this way, one will be dedicated to 9MM and the other to the .45 ACP.

i have "toyed" with the idea of getting into revolvers as well, something like a .357/38 special, such as the S&W 686, 6" barrel......

everything is so dependent on something else....nothing is etched into the sand, nothing is available, as i have searched.

so like many others here, i keep my range visits lower, like once per week, rather than my 2 to 3 times as when i first started early 2020, long before the pandemic/panic buying.

i do buy reloaded ammo, from a store, that has been reloading since 1973. so it ain't like they just started. however, sometimes, supply is short there as well, but for a mere $22.00 for a box of 50 .ACP, i cannot beat that price, nor complain, espcially when another store i go to, sells new .45 ACP for about $40.
buddyd157 wrote: Mon Jan 25, 2021 6:50 am but, there are other very good reloading presses that i am looking at as well, the Hornady, and the Lee, and maybe even an RCBS.
Here's a (long) thread on my Lee 400 press. It's at the low end of cost but will cost more then just the press. There are some add-on's needed but you can go slow with those and add as you want to.

I'm VERY hands on so I like going slower and QA'ing my rounds at 5 different stages or more from cleaning brass to final round. So if it's all about mass production, the Lee 4000 is not the press of choice. I can churn out 150+ per hour easily but I have nothing but time.


Here's my current set up
Lee 4000 Press.jpg
Lee 4000 Press.jpg (403.08 KiB) Viewed 1592 times
buddyd157 wrote: Mon Jan 25, 2021 6:50 am
thing is, everyone has an opinion on very good reloading presses. "in person" face to face, i have been told the Dillon Square Deal B, would be great, if i only want to load hand gun ammo, and YES, that is only what i want to reload, as i do not have and do NOT want to have any rifles.

but, there are other very good reloading presses that i am looking at as well, the Hornady, and the Lee, and maybe even an RCBS.
On presses - I can't imagine not going with Dillon. There is basically no down side.

That said - I don't think this is a good time to invest in reloading equipment honestly. Unless you can get a crazy deal on somebody selling theirs. Components just aren't available - specifically primers. And as has been said - primers will not be available in good quantities for some time. They are not being sold by the manufacturers as much, because they are using most of the primers they produce to make fully loaded cartridges which have a much higher margin. As an example of the current market, on auction sites, small pistol primers are currently selling at well over ten times the normal cost.
Rest assured that the democrats are going to do everything they can to attack every facet of your right to bear arms - weapons restrictions, cartridges, all components, shipping, selling... everything. They are smart like the devil and as alluded to above, any moderates that might actually respect 2A will be under tremendous pressure to toe the line. Unfortunately, even if some of the Republican could do anything, so many of them are incredibly weak and worried about their acceptance around the Washington DC social circuit. This is going to be a very long-term problem.
I am hearing the same thing about a cardboard shortage for regular products. Ammo specific products must be worse.

In my business product lead times are 30-40 weeks. Everything is moving out. Other businesses will miss their sales targets due to lack of parts. Especially cars.

2021 is going to be interesting even when Covid goes away (oops, my bad, it was cured on 1/20 at 1pm...)
i will try to respond to those of you, that did

1) no, churning out thousands of rounds at one time, is not for me, i too have time on my hands.
i just cannot decide on a turent press or progressive, which i do know that a progessive, can be used as a turent as well.
it's just that once i "pick up speed", and get better with it, to buy a single stage might be a waste of money.

2) Yes, Dillon makes a great machine, lifetime warranty. all the others have a warranty as well, and if any of those break down, parts should still be available. but i was told by one of the RSO's, that a Dillon is like the Rolls Royce of presses, and of course, you pay for that. at my age, if i can "live" another 10 years, that's MY lifetime warranty. and as i stated, presses are either out of stock, or back ordered, as well as dies, bullets, powder, primers. so buying any type/brand of press is not going to happen right now.

3) given the 2A situation, yes, things may get harder, so all i can do is continue to sweep my brass, then i have at least some choices here.....i'm thinking a vibrating case cleaner,( i wish to NOT deal with a wet tumbler set up) i already have a hand held de-primer/primer tool. i could buy the vibrating cleaner, and de-prime my brass, and seal them in an air-tight food storage bag, you know the machine that sucks out the air and heat seals the bag?

that'll at least keep me busy for a portion of my time, and at least have the brass ready for the next step(s)
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