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By actionexpress
Hello all, new here.

I bought a used (unfired) Elite SC from a shop last week. I went straight to the range, put a little oil on the rails and blasted about 75 rounds through it. I used Aguila 115gr and some 147s - no problems at all.

I took it out yesterday, different ammo - Blazer 115gr brass and it was a different story.

It'd feed okay, but every last round in the mag would stove pipe. Makes me wonder if it needs a lot more break-in, hotter ammo.

It'd feed every round in the mag which has me a little confused. It is a great little shooter, really impressed with it otherwise.
Carter3000 wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:31 pm Blazer tends to be on the weak side. Give it some time and it should run fine. Canik recoil springs have a strong tolerance to be able to feed a variety of ammo
I've been reading that other places as well, thanks for the help!
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By jgillaspy
The Canik line is built to NATO specs, not SAMII as with commercial firearms. Because of this their recoil spring assemblies are tighter. Shoot a box or two of 124 gr NATO through it and you won't have issues again. Just needs some break-in time.

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By Janik
As others have mentioned, the RSA in Caniks are a bit stout. Me personally, I've always run a box or two of NATO 124gr through every new Canik, and I don't experience any issues with any ammo. Including weak 115gr WWB or Remington. I have over a dozen Caniks, and they all run reliably. We did however with handloading find a load that was too weak to cycle my Elite. We were trying to work up the lightest load possible for competition shooting. I guess we went a little too light on the powder.
Luckily, most of my factory ammo on hand is 9mm NATO 124gr. Good to know, my last batch of reloads was 147s but have 124s on hand. I can see why Canik has the following they do, it's great shooting pistol.. I have my eye on the Elite "Executive" model now.
By shovelmike
I contacted Century Arms-Canik, and received a lighter spring for my SFX at no charge. You could certainly inquire as to whether they have what you need for the SC.
Now that my SFX and SC are broken in they handle any ammo I feed them with no issues.
By Duvallite
When I contacted Canik a couple of months ago inquiring about a lighter recoil spring for my new SC, they said they did not have a lighter spring for the SC. Sounds like they came out with one. Let us know how it works out.
Will do. I fed it some Federal 115 target stuff through it today and had no issues at all. All I could think of after shooting it was which Canik am I going to get next? It's a keeper, my favorite compact.
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