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Hearing protection comes with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). That is the number of decibels it will take off of of any sound. There are passive and active devices as well. That active ones allow you to hear normal conversations but block anything above a certain dB by the NRR. Doubling up is a great way to maximize protection, kinda like the belt + suspenders.

LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:48 pm Welcome aboard the forum.

I second the motion on the floor on doubling up hearing protection especially at an indoor range. I am a Range Officer at an outdoor range and I always double up.
I tried this at home, but the wife said I was not listening to her or some such blah, blah.
Here’s how I see it. There’s two things for your ears that you want on the range. One is protection from the noise. Believe me, tinnitus from hearing damage is with you 24/7 and can drive you crazy. You also want to listen, at normal levels, to what’s going around you. Investing in a quality set of electronic ear muffs is going to cost you a lot less than the hearing aids and all day ringing in your ears. I use MSA but you should look around get what’s best for you. But get it no matter what it costs you today. Now. And double up with foam inserts.
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