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Hi folks, I am brand new to the forum and looking for input on mounting a Venom red dot.

I had two Riton red dots on my SFx fail so just bought a Vortex Venom. With the Riton the Canik screws barely reached the plate (#2) and could just get 1.5 turns. Now with the Venom (Plate #1), the screws seem to bottom out before the head reaches the optic's body.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
Are you using the taper head screws that were supplied by Canik? They should work, I believe they are M3x8mm. You can drop them into the Venom, then set the side of the Venom onto the other-side pins of the mount plate and you should get a good view of how deep the screws would go into the plate.
After twice replacing the Riton Red Dot I think I'll remove the plate and compare the screws to be sure that they are all Canik provided screws. Then I can see how far they seat on the plate off of the gun.


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