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By ringmal
I am trying to find an adapter/mounting plate for my new SFx. I have a Core Shot Pro Spec red dot....the Core Shot came with a mounting plate (picatinny) that comes no where near fitting on the mount base. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction ( if there is one that is ).........thanks in advance for any advice!
That sight isn't optimal for the TP9SFx, or most other slide-mounted options. It's really more for a rail-type mount, such as you would find on some other pistols, and on some rifles, like the MSR, for instance. Don't know if there's anything available that will help you with mounting that sight on your pistol. If there is an option, someone here will know about it! Good luck...
remove the two screws on the top of the sight by the battery cover and remove the picatinny mount then check if the red dot will fit any of the plates that came with your SFx.

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