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I think I fell in love, gotta wait 15 years or something now :). This girl is badass, I mean I am a 25 years old adult and the only gun I could bring myself to carry and fire is my ruger. If she saw me with this toy she would burst out laughing. Not to mention that she is a lot more accurate than me. When I read the canik tp9sfx review this is the level of badassness that I was hoping for, not carrying a pocket pistol :). By the way, what is her facebook profile, would love to see some more vids.
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buddyd157 wrote: Tue Jan 04, 2022 5:43 pm i have seen a tiny gal shoot a pistol, just not sure if this is her or not. i checked out the page, and i do not see the video i saw
Yeah, it's her. Your video is from a year ago looks like. Probably a clip pulled from this video for Faceyspace.
yeah, the first video you linked, i recognized the fencing but she was shooting a SIG i think, rapid fire, no suppressor...???

and i think she was a bit younger

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