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By Zardos
Just picked this up today, Girsan Regard MC, I wanted to get another Beretta for some time but just didn't want to spend the money on one. I got all my CZ's before I found out Canik made clones. I hope this Turkish manufacturer lives up to Canik quality. It does seem really well made, we shall see on range day. Anyone else have any experiences with Girsan?

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By colonel00
Definitely following. They have been on the edge of my radar for a while. Please let us know how it performs.

Is that all black or is it gray and black? Can't tell if there's just reflection on the frame.

Edit: Nevermind. I see they have a two tone option. Looks slick.
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By Zardos
I never really owned a Beretta, I had a first run Taurus when they bought the factory. I compared it to my friends actual Beretta and from what I remember they were pretty much identical. Can't wait to get this to the range tomorrow and put .......20-25 rounds through it, lol
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By colonel00
Zardos wrote: Wed Dec 23, 2020 10:31 am and put .......20-25 rounds through it, lol
Well look at mister moneybags over here just blowing through excessive ammo making it rain brass. The rest of us poors will just have to live vicariously through your range report as we can only afford to shoot 3-5 rounds a trip :D
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By Zardos
Yeah I have officially given up on trying to find ammo and when I do find it anywhere it's just to high. I have set aside my sacrificial ammo and am rationing, I should have enough to last about 6 months at current use. I will see where the market and world is at then and re-evaluate.
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By Badgerboy
I'm happy with my Taurus...I looked at Girsan a few years ago, but reliability was spotty from my online research...and I think EAA has also been spotty with service.
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By Zardos
Badgerboy wrote:I'm happy with my Taurus...I looked at Girsan a few years ago, but reliability was spotty from my online research...and I think EAA has also been spotty with service.
I actually went in to look at a used Taurus, It was more money and no warranty. Davidsons is the distributor and hopefully they would take care of me if I had a problem and all else failed. I did a bunch of research before making the purchase to mostly positive reviews but we shall see. I might splurge and do a solid 50 rounds tomorrow. :-D
By Tejas Products
I owned one. Excellent Beretta clone. Good quality and performed very well. Go buy your self a D spring upgrade, their about 7 bucks and will reduce your double action pull by at least a third. I bought mine for a night stand gun, but decided I wanted something a bit smaller so I sold it.
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By Zardos
Well I went to the range and shot this today and I have some bad news. After shooting this I cannot figure out why I paid more than three times this cost for my CZ Shadow 2 SA. It shot FANTASTIC and was a joy to shoot. I shot 110 rounds with no failures. 115gr wwb fmj, 115gr Remington umc jhp, 124gr s&b jhp and 147gr Speer fmj. I really wanted to conserve ammo but it was just so much fun I couldn't stop. Sights are dead on, this is a tac driver. Trigger is fine and smooth, I like it just the way it is, it is plenty light for me. 9 1/2 lb double and 3 1/2 single on the Lyman. Ergonomics were good and it just shot real natural for me. Recoil was light and easy to get back on target. I had no problems with the finger grooves but understand some people simply do not like them. Controls are easy to get to, even the slide mounted safety decocker. Slide stayed open after the last round fired and the mag dropped free. Sights work just fine if you like and can use standard three white dots, the front sight cannot be changed. Of course the mag was stiff and hard to load the last round but pretty common for new mags, it only comes with one but Beretta mags work. I can't wait to take a few hundred rounds and compare it to my Caniks and others when ammo isn't so unobtainable.
I would have to put this on par with Canik and highly recommend it.
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By Zardos
Still going strong, not a single problem so far. I didn't care for the tiny three dot sights and changed them. Not too many choices for this so I went with a Wilson combat blacked out rear and put some Testors florescent yellow paint on the front sight. The rear sight was for a Beretta but it went on with some fitting. Much improved over the stock sights. Also Mec-Gar Beretta mags work fine.
By kalikikopa
I appreciate the last 3 posts. I pick up my Sar K2 on thursday, my Girsan Regard is supposed to come in this week, and the SFX Mete was ordered Friday :) Merry Christmas to me!
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