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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
By Shooter212
Setting up a sfx for uspsa carry optics. I have base pads and holster and that stuff. I am looking for recommendations on springs, trigger return spring, guide rod spring for the W74 guide rod, striker springs. I am going to put the freedomsmith trigger in, taylor freelance brass back strap. Any other cool go fast parts that I am missing.
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By LT USN (Ret.)
I like the Wolff 14# commander spring with a 6.5# striker spring.

You using +0 base pads? I use Taylor Freelance +4. Besides more rounds, the extra weight helps the mag to drop free.

I'm using the extended slide release too.

Which optic are you going to use?
By ncjw
What weight of bullet are you planning to use?

I haven't noticed much of a difference between 14# and 15# with the W74 using 124gr commercial loads in my admittedly non-race configured SFx.
By Shooter212
I am going to run a SRO 5 moa when I can find one just have viper on there now. I have the plus 4 brass pads I like the added weight. I am running 124grn bullets at about 133-135 power factor so I am thinking 15lb spring would be good then.
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By Jester560
I run the 15#, Wolff Colt Commander length recoil spring.
Definitely get the Galloway Precision spring kit to accent the Freedomsmith trigger. Which model trigger are you going with?
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By LT USN (Ret.)
Any of the Freedomsmith triggers work well. How you like to square up your finger on the trigger will make a difference.

I like to square up mine and come directly backwards (vice a little on the side) so, I go with the original.

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