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By gregorjk
Several months ago I was leading a shooting event out at the gun club. One of my friends and I were the last 2 at the pistol bench and we began talking about his guns he used for competition. He mentioned that one of his favorites was a Canik....I was surprised, didnt know Canik had a comp. gun....I had seen more and more Caniks advertised with increasing features but hadn't paid to much attention since I had handled one about 10 years ago and wasn't too impressed, and felt terrible in my hands. Well he let me shoot his SFX and I was impressed, it was nothing like my previous experience. I walked away from that trip and thought I should look into trying one myself. I soon found one online for about $530 and dove in....I thought the SFX was the top of the line for Canik, and shortly thereafter discovered I should have purchased the Elite Combat first, it is defintely another step or 2 above the SFX....I have tried the vast majority of plastic fantastics, from Blocks to Sigs to H&Ks to CZs and most everything in well as trying most new wonder nines that come out every year.... Almost 10 years ago I had come to the conclusion that Walthers (PPS and PPQs) were what worked best in my hands and then eventually some CZs too...I was unprepared for the fabulousness of the Elite Combat. To make this long story shorter, it is significantly better than any other polymer framed firearm I have owned or a matter of fact it has proven itself so much that I spent considerable time putting it up against my PPQs, my Archon Type B, my CZ P09, and my 46oz. all steel CZ Shadow 2....It beat them all.
I extensively shot it against one of my favorites the Shadow 2 and found that I liked the trigger and recoil better on the Combat...while the Shadow had a smoother overall pull, the SA wall was not as well defined or crisp as the Combat reset.... what shocked me the most was the felt recoil on the Combat was less than my Shadow, this defied my known experience between steel and polymer pistols. I've sold my PPQs, I've sold the Shadow, and the Archon is next....I don't like keeping things in the safe I don't use.....I now have multiple Combats, SCs, and the SFX....I may part with the SFX, but Combats are here to stay.
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By Janik
I hear ya. Caniks are just great right out of the box, and the Elite Combat is definitely one of my most favored guns. I rarely shoot any other guns besides Caniks nowadays. Well, except my Taurus TX22 because of 9mm prices. I'll probably never part with my CZ P07 or 09, but my Glocks, S&W's, Springfields and some others have been sold off. I always take a variety of guns to the range, but I always end up mostly shooting my Caniks. They are definitely hard to beat. Really shocked to hear you favor it over the Shadow. I've never shot a Shadow, but I continually hear great things about them.
By gregorjk
However, you can't get a better grip out of the box than a PPQ (in my hands), and the front sight fiber optic on the Combat is too small for my eyes....had to be real and I failed to say that in the original post.
By gunn
Welcome, they do have a habit of multiplying.
RMorgan wrote: Mon Feb 01, 2021 6:42 pm just a question i do not hear a audiable reset anyone else have this problem or a fix
I recommend you start a new thread with this question and provide more detail.

Which model Canik? What mods, if any, have you installed, etc.
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