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On the laptop:
Like button: 👍
Font size: 👍
Light mode contrast: 👍
Dark mode contrast: (.75) 👍

Yeah, the quick reply box is still using the smaller font. I haven't checked the full editor. The ability to add emojis in quick replies is a neat feature; that seems new.

This was getting too long for the quick reply box, so.... The full editor has the smaller font. This doesn't strike me as so much of an issue since I'm just scanning to make sure my typing isn't off. Don't add it to the hit list because of me.

On the desktop version, if you didn't change anything else, I wouldn't argue. Thanks for having the patience for this.
ncjw wrote: Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:49 pm The larger font is better on the phone. Using the light background, the font is now grayer and less black. As before, would greatly appreciate 100 pct black on any light background for contrast. I don't know why anything else would be contemplated.

The font in the reply box is pretty tiny.
Ill look at the font color and what I can do. I can look into enlarging the reply box font as well if it is a problem. When you say the font is greyer are you talking on the mobile version or pc version ? On my pc the only place the font is not black is when looking at the forums but once I get into reading the forums they white with black. If you can let me know I will see what I can do

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