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I like some of the new coloring. However, at least on my larger monitors, the text is really small and harder to read. Also, the info on the lower right is almost impossible to read. Other stuff is looking better for sure.
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This newest itteration sux! I liked the last, new format much better. Especially after I found out the "mark forums read" button was under unread posts. Even the dark mode is half asked in this version.
I don't like the lighter version that is up now. I liked the darker version that was up before.
Thanks ~X(
One more idea (as if you didn't have enough on your plates), how about opening the last page instead of the first when someone clicks a thread on the active view (or maybe all views)? If they are interested in the last activity, it would be on the last page.
Since I absolutely love the I hate it replies could you elaborate just a bit more. Its kind of hard to decide what changes to make or if things are already in the works when I dont know what people dislike. :-?? :-?? :-?? :-?? :-?? :-??
Ghostwolf308 wrote: Tue Dec 08, 2020 10:00 pm On what platform? Pc, phone, tablet??
PC. Laptop. 14" screen.

On my phone, the font is still smallish compared to the text on most websites, but it doesn't seem as squinty. I'm not reading either format without my glasses, so take that for what it's worth.

Just checked the phone... The posts in dark mode there seem clearer. More white on black than gray on black. I might leave it that way for the phone. On the laptop, the dark mode is still more taxing.
The larger font is better on the phone. Using the light background, the font is now grayer and less black. As before, would greatly appreciate 100 pct black on any light background for contrast. I don't know why anything else would be contemplated.

The font in the reply box is pretty tiny.

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