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New owner of a Canik TP9SFx pistol here. First range session showed it would not reliably feed Armscor 115 grain full metal jacket ammo. Seemed underpowered. They repeatedly failed to fully cycle the action. They are rated by the manufacturer as having a Muzzle Velocity of 1097 fps and a Muzzle Energy of 307 ft. lbs.

Tried some Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ and that worked without any problems. Have not tried any other ammo yet. This is rated by the manufacturer as having a Muzzle Velocity of 1090 fps and a Muzzle Energy of 327 ft. lbs.

Any suggestions on what range/practice ammo will work best with this full-sized pistol? What should I look for as ammo (hopefully) begins to get a little more available in coming months? I'm wondering if it is possible to generalize. For example, are rounds with a heavier bullet likely to work better? Faster muzzle velocity? Greater muzzle energy?

Any other ammo selection tips? Thanks!
Try to find some 124gr NATO rounds. They will loosen it up for you.

Another option is to get a W74 guide rod and Wolff Colt Commander length recoil springs, I use a 15# spring, to tune it to your chosen load.
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If you do a couple of searches in various threads there are some out of the box minor issues with the SFx until broken in. The recoil spring is designed for NATO 9mm rounds. Century Arms will send you a lighter recoil spring if requested. Make sure you give the SFx a good dusting & cleaning as they pack them with a grease for shipping. It should be removed.
I ordered the lighter spring about a month and a half ago and received a notice 2 days ago it was being shipped. I let them know via e-mail that the original spring was too strong for ammo and they are sending it at no charge.
LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:52 am Make sure you give the SFx a good dusting & cleaning as they pack them with a grease for shipping. It should be removed.
Will do that tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. After that, I realize I need to proceed with a reasonable break-in workout, like for any new pistol.

The lighter recoil spring might be helpful to have on hand. Thanks for mentioning that option. Due to the current nationwide shortage of (affordable) ammo I would like to be able to use at least some of what I already have on hand for use in my Sig and my Glock.
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I will definitely try to get a lighter recoil spring kit so as to be able to use up some of the mild range loads that I have on hand.

Late yesterday I located and purchased on line what looks to be some snappier ammo to use while breaking in this new pistol. It is Winchester "Service Grade" ammo in a brown box. Factory specs: Muzzle Velocity 1315 fps and Muzzle Energy 441 foot pounds with a 115 grain fmj bullet. Bought it from Midway. This morning the web page shows it as out of stock, so it seems to have been in limited supply.

Here's the link: ... ption-link
Thanks. 1. I've written to Century Arms requesting a lighter spring. 2. Have given the pistol a deep cleaning and careful lube. 3. Have located some NATO 124 grain ammo. 4. Have cleaned and numbered my magazines.

Back to the range tomorrow to continue breaking it in. Will pay close attention to my grip to make sure I'm not "limp wristing" the firearm. I usually shoot smaller pistols, mid-size and compacts instead of full-size like this one. So "operator error" is possible and I will try my best to stay alert for it.

Appreciate all the help.
Update: Century Arms said the lighter springs are on backorder, but they will send me one when avialable.

After two more sessions at the range, shooting slightly snappier ammo, the pistol ejects more reliably. Empty cases still mainly land on my shooting hand or wrist, some on the bill of my cap. This ammo was Winchester brown box "Service Grade" with a power factor of 151. (115 grain RN/FMJ at Muzzle Velocity of 1315 fps. Calculated Muzzle Energy 441 ft lbs.)

I still have not been able to purchase any true NATO rounds with the 124 grain bullet. Thought I had located some, but they sold out before I could place my order. Am on a waiting list with a couple of on-line sellers.

Have now put between 300 and 400 rounds through this pistol, and it feeds better than it did right out of the box. Accuracy is outstanding. Trigger is very nice for a stock striker-fired pistol. Slide locks back on the empty magazine every time. Empty mags drop freely when the magazine release is pressed.
Before buying my SFX, I had read that it was designed for 124GR NATO rounds. I ran about 400 124GR rounds thru for break in. After that I've run 115, 124, 125, 147 grain bullets without any problems. I can run 115GN reloads with 4.2 HP38 powder, 4.0 Titegroup, 4.2 Sport Pistol, and all function well. I attribute that to breaking the spring in with 124GN factory loads. A friend had Century send him out a weaker spring/rod assy. They did that at no charge.
A lighter recoil spring assembly arrived Saturday from Century Arms. They sent it at no charge. I first talked with them in November and they were helpful, but the part was on backorder until last week.

Have put about 500 rounds through the pistol. It now cycles and ejects reliably with the heavier spring (no jams.) I will install the lighter one and get to the range in the next few days to see if that allows it to throw the empty cases farther away from my face and shooting hand.

It has been a fine pistol all in all. Just couldn't find full-power NATO ammo for it given the current nationwide shortage.
Norma has been selling a 9mm 124gr loading called 'Envy' (marketing...sigh) that's designed for pistol caliber carbines. It's hotter than most range ammo, but not a +P loading. My Mete SFx loved it from the first round, and my Polymer 80 build (which is still a little tight) runs 100% with it as well.

Catch it on sale (which is often) and it's <$20/50, which isn't too bad these days for brass-cased, name-brand 9mm.


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