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My experience with the Q5 Match wasn't a good one to say the least. Was bored on a Friday night looking at inventory at some of my LGS on the internet and I stumbled across a SFX. Got up Saturday morning heading down to rescue the SFX out of the display case and there sits the Walther. So I ended taking home the Q5. Monday comes along and I'm excited to put some rds on this fine looking firearm. Went ok but the best part was I left with my 1st canik. Nice little elite sc. Following Monday back at range with the Q5 and the elite sc and the Q5 decided to have all types fits. Now I'm mad and pull out the SC and boy what a pleasant surprise. Pack up and go to counter and ask if they be interested in the Q5, sure enough sold that and walked away with a Elite Combat. Didn't take long to get back where I abandoned the SFX and stuck to my guns no pun intended and brought home the SFX. In 2 weeks of time ditched the Walther but ended up with 3 of the best shooters I have ever put my hands on.
I couldn't agree with you guys more! I had a Q5 at the time that I did this "review", but I have since traded the Walther for something else I'll use more. The Canik is $549; the Walther Q5 is $799. I don't see it. I've had that Q5 for a couple of years now. I bought my Canik TP9sfx out of curiosity. It turned into an instant love affair! One of the custom services I offer is custom 1911 tuning. I have had a hard time with polymer striker fired pistols because of their triggers. I consider the Canik to have a good trigger. I've never been able to say that with such a pistol. Plus it is accurate and reliable. Ergonomic too. It's a winner to me.

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