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By ncjw
Ha! I just watched this scene yesterday for the first time in years. No idea why the thought to see it again popped into my head.

If you notice further in, the Redcoats are shown to be not aiming when they discharge their Brown Bess's. This is thought to be historically accurate as they were trained to fire in the general direction of a line of infantry, not a specific targeted person. Also, they received little marksmanship training as ammo was expensive. Lastly, it turns out that normal humans don't actually like killing other humans, even those in the military.
I salvage the unused dots out of the garbage at the range along with any targets with unused bullseyes whenever the opportunity arises. My typical targets are paper plates with stickers in the center or dots drawn from markers. I've also made self healing splatter targets out of brightly colored disc golf discs coated with black primer. I wouldn't buy a disc for that purpose, but I have found a couple that were unmarked and of no value to me as anything else.
Not cheap enough as others have pointed out..
I'm so cheap I ask people if I can have their dots if they're throwing them away or pull em out of the trash when I find em.
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