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i have a couple links to sites with different drills and would like to expand my options. I plan to get the drill of the month going again soon and could use as many different drills as I can get. Please leave a link to where you get you drills from so I can build a collection. Looking for pistol, carbine and rifle.
I have the "DRYFIRE Reloaded" book by Ben Stoeger. It's really good. I have a couple sets of 1/3 scale USPSA targets I purchased off his website as well. They sell a "sticker" kit to make tuxedo targets also. I made a bunch of stands so I can setup basic stages and classifiers. With 1/3 scale targets, yards become feet! Easy to set up! My son has a subscription to Stoeger's "Practical Shooting Training Group", so I get stuff from him as well.

HAVING A TIMER IS A MUST!!!! Need to get that "sound" burned into the brain so it doesn't turn to MUSH at a match!!! :lol:

A lot of times I'll just work on one skill at a time to burn in the fundamentals. Doesn't take too long before you get tired, especially with the new Legion. With an empty mag it weighs in at 44 oz. I do all my work with a fully loaded mag when drawing so that makes it even heavier. For reloads I have an empty in the gun and a full one on the belt. Simulate what you'd have in a match.

https://benstoegerproshop.com/scaled-dr ... -and-dots/

https://benstoegerproshop.com/dry-fire- ... back-book/

Here's a couple videos from tonight. One on speed draw with 1 sec par time, and speed reloads with 3 sec par time.

This was from the other night where it was "deliberate practice" working on transitions. Deliberate being a little slower and making sure the eyes are leading the gun, with a good "A" zone sight picture.

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