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Training doctrines in the civilian world can update and change faster than military counterparts. Rob Pincus has updated his program several times in the last 10 years, based on evidence and research. Regular Guy Training offers rifle classes to Boots, ostensibly to teach them things he learned the hard way, I think.

There's also a difference in context. An 0311 may not be able to shoot the rifle stage of a 3gun match with a top percentile score, but he and his squad can identify, isolate and eliminate an objective before you can say, "Bob's your uncle."

Ultimately, "gun people" are likely to be better shooters than "not gun people", even those in professions of arms.
My son started shooting IDPA with me when he was 16, and by the second season was shooting expert or master level scores. He's a 'natural' shooter.

After graduating HS he joined the Army, and became a Ranger. While they did more pistol training that most troops, they did an AMAZING amount of rifle work. He told me about getting handed a case of 5.56 and being told 'don't bring any back' on range days...

When he got out, he sent me a video of him doing a Mozambique at 15 yards with his AR; from the beep to the last shot was .93 seconds. There's no substitute for good instruction and literally unlimited practice ammo, I guess.


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