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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
By Reubone
Hello all,
I have recently purchased two Canik pistols for me and my wife. We both want to take them to some competitions to get an under stress feel for them to build confidence. We decided on a 147 grain hhp projectile from berry's as it was the easiest to reach minimum pf and we liked how they performed in .380 Acp. My new reloading setup comes with a pro auto disk for power throwing and the powder is CFE Postol. The .32 setting put us at max charge weight of 4.2g. The recoil is slight out of both pistols (TP9Sfx and TP9 SC) and the accuracy seems to be ok. More testing on this later. This also provided 130 ish pf and good hollow point expansion. We like to train with the rounds we will carry for sd. To finally get to my question, These firearms are set for NATO spec pressures. The manufacturer suggest bumping up the powder charge if I have any reliability issues with stove pipes or FTF. Would it be worth hotrodding 9mm into +P territory? My next step up in powder charges are 4.5g, 4.9g and 5.3g. Opinions please, Thank you!

P.s the data was provided from the subcompact.

Name: 9mm cfe
Shots: 4
Average: 899 ft/s
SD: 5 ft/s
Min: 893 ft/s
Max: 905 ft/s
Spread: 12 ft/s
Power Factor Average: 132
Power Factor Low: 131
Power Factor High: 133
Barometric Pressure: 30.4 in Hg
Temperature: 64F
Weight: 147 gr.
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Disclaimer: I am NOT a reloader. My opinions are based on competition shooting only.

If you are running about 130 PF, STOP, it's perfect for USPSA minor factor shooting. For your SFx, either ask Century Arms for the reduced power RSA (it's normally free) or make it a DIY job. It's well documented on several threads going to the W74 or Sprinco RSA's.

Being able to control recoil in both competition shooting and for self-defense to ensure hits on target, is more important than blowing a hole through the center of the target once without followup capability. Subsonic works great with a can, right?

Just one shooter's opinion.
By Reubone
Excellent! Thank you for your insight. How do we ask Canik for reduced power recoil springs so that it’s covered for free? If I have to buy them I will but ya know free is free lol. Also the sc doesn’t have an aftermarket solution yet that I am aware of.
By Ben W.
No reason to tell them what you're shooting, and as far as I know they've never asked. Canik is set up for NATO spec ammo, American ammo is usually loaded lighter than that, hence the reduced power spring assembly availability here.
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