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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
I have a Cook's OWB holster for my TP9SF Elite. The fit is good and the price was reasonable. I'll be using it in an informal competition on Wednesday and will get a full review posted.

If you order from Cooks be patient. Here's my order timeline:

Ordered: 11/29/19
In production: 12/17/19
Shipping label created: 12/27/19
Package picked up: 12/30/19
Received by me: 1/4/2920

37 days from order to delivery.

That was standard shipping by USPS. I understand that I ordered during holiday season.

Red Hill Tactical also makes holsters for some Canik models.
Red X Gear makes EDC and competition holsters. They will use either kydex or carbon fiber for an additional $15. Will adjust for optics and some accessories. Looking at picking one up for my XDs, but noticed a Canik in a photo and a video.

I went with the Cooks Competition Holster as well. Took about a month from order to delivery, their web site said the turn time was 2 week. I shoot USPSA and Steel Challenge. I changed out the screws with the thumb screws from Shooters Connection. There was no up-charge for color patterns, the fit and retention is excellent. So far I'm super impressed with the holster.
CompTac also makes one for the SFx.

I went with a Weapon DIY holster body slapped on an aluminum drop and offset mount...turn around time was however long it took me to walk to the shop and back. :-D
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For competition (with my Canik): DAA PDR Pro-II holster on a DAA Premium belt with DAA Alpha-XiP mag pouches

For concealed carry (not a Canik): Milt Sparks Summer Special II - it is the bomb diggity compared to any other IWB holster I have tried (which is a few).

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