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colonel00 wrote: Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:43 am Still waiting to hear details about the First Annual Canik Fanatik rendezvous at your place... :D
😎 Still a long way to go.

Rather than buy stands for $300, I'm taking these H-shaped pieces of steel that are from the shipping crates of Yamaha watercraft and cutting them down to usable stands. I got a pile of them for free.

The plates themselves are 340 lbs, so with the stands and 2x4 posts, the total will approach 450 lbs. I have to build a custom cart to hold it all that I can pull behind my mower.

I scored a brand new 12x20 steel carport yesterday for half price that will serve as the sun shelter. I think those things are ugly, but I need something sooner rather than later. I'd rather build a nice wood structure, but I don't have the time or energy.

Completed the Steel Challenge cart yesterday. All the heavy stuff is now in one, small, easy to use space.

With just a little bending at the knees I can put one hand under those gawd-awful-heavy 18x24 plates and one hand up top and lift them in/out.

The stands stack sequentially, hanging on hooks. The posts needed for the various stages lay on the bottom tray. Plate hangers go in the box.

As I mentioned in previous post, the steel was all free, I just had to strategically cut, grind, weld in the right places. The wheels & tires cost me $20, the trailer hitch coupler $8, another $15 for paint.

It's heavy; the entire mess weighs 525 lbs with 47 lbs tongue weight.






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