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With the growing line of Canik models available now, I'm curious what everyone"s "favorite" is. I'm still a big fan of DA/SA handguns, so I still gravitate to shooting those the most. I own several Caniks, and have gotten rid of a few. The models I cared for the least were the SA and the SF. Not that they were bad, they just didn't offer me anything useful. The V2 and DA offer the unique DA/SA trigger, and are a decent size for me when I carry in the winter. The Elite is about my favorite when it comes to the size of a pistol though. If I want something longer, I reach for my SFx. And now with the Elite Sub Compact, that's even a really decent size for conceal carry. So again, nothing wrong with the SA or SF, they just were basically collecting dust since I rarely shot them. The Elite and Elite Combat are probably the most accurate in my hands. Both of them are friggin' laser beams. The Sub Compact is still pretty new to me, but an outstanding shooter so far. But if I had to pick only one, it would be my V2. I think they are all excellent pistols, but the V2 (and DA) offer me the most versatility. The size and capacity are great, the double action is smooth, and the reset on the single action is excellent. I'm a tad more accurate with the Elite and Elite Combat, but overall, my V2's still edge out the others if I could only have one. Probably because it was also my first Canik and I'm kinda sentimental. But when I'm at the range, V2 or DA is what I shoot the most. So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite? Why?

TP9V2, my first Canik. Still the gun I rely on the most.
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When Applied Arsenal Finishes did the battle worn slide for me, they also engraved it.
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I'd have to give the C-100 the top spot, then the DA, and then the Elite. All good.

I kinda feel like the Squid does- me like DA/SA handguns with "GOOD" triggers.
My C-100 was good when I first got it- trigger pull; was a little on the heavy side (do not remember the numbers) til I put in a 13# (I think) main spring from Cajun Gun it darn near perfect.
For shooting, the T-120 after replacing the sights with Truglo TFX Pro (factory sights suck). I like the balance, the trigger and the capacity of 17 round mags. The Elite is a pretty close second, great sights and trigger. Polymer frame limits your ability to customize the grip to your hand.
For carry I prefer the C-100.
Only have two at the moment, Elite & DA. SC will in the stable by March.
Of my two, the Elite nudges out the DA by a small margin. Not only does it shoot wonderfully, the mid-size double-stack grip is the most comfortable fit in my hands. The Elite also fills the purpose of EDC at least 50% of the time. While I'll carry the DA on a whim in the colder months, it's two main jobs are Home Defense, and range practice. The features on the Elite are also a nice bonus vs. the DA - the loaded chamber indicator, red dingus/trigger safety, front cocking serrations, and full ambi-controls.
With the rail indentations/slots not cut deep enough, I can't trust that my Olight will remain fastened when drawing the DA from a holster, so never ordered a light bearing holster for it. (it fits pretty snuggly in my Elite's old holster, the Clinger Ultra Conceal). The elite takes all lights I have tried mounting to it without issue.
I do enjoy the deckocker on the DA, though. If the DA had the Canik branding pushed rearward, front cocking serrations, and a slide stop on the right side of the frame - and deeper cut pic-rail slots, it would be a dream gun, bumping the Elite to second place. But, that's simply a wish development.

Neil 8-)
It's an ez question, but kinda tough to answer for me. I have a SA, which was my first Canik, and loved it right away. I bought two V2's shortly after because they were a great deal and going out of production. Then I bought a SFX. Each of them have a job. I shoot the SA 'ironsights' in limited USPSA, and have a blast. With some spring work and polishing, it is a thrill to shoot. The SFX is also on its own mission shooting carry optics in USPSA. It's all decked out and very reliable. Another fun shooter. I just shot one of my V2's (totally stock) in my first IDPA match, and OMG, what a fantastic experience. Never missed a beat, and really felt like I was born with it in my hand. My other V2 serves as a nightstand gun with a light and all. With that being said, my favorite gun would have to be the one that hooked me on Caniks in the first place, the SA. Even thought the SFX has seen the most investment, the SA is funner to shoot 'ironsights', and for it's simplicity, gets the nod.
Without a doubt the SFx, but I really enjoy the SA. It is just the SFx is so accurate and fun to shoot.
This seems an appropriate first post having just joined this forum.....The SFx is my favorite. The SA was my first Canik (and my 2nd gun, and my first full size gun) and I still love it, but for competition, the SFx is hands down the best. I plan on getting a SC soon, so we'll see if this changes after that.
1. SFx - it allowed my old eyes to enjoy pistol shooting again with the Venom red dot. And it had a great trigger (now even better with a FS) and was fun to Weaponize.

2. Elite - the Goldilocks pistol, everything is just right - size, trigger, slide release, capacity, accuracy, reliability, etc.

3. SF - cheap, reliable (so far), everything else is solid Canik. A bit large, but with the Olight and soon to be added NF sights it is destined to be my nightstand gun. This will allow me to shoot the 1911 more often. An Elite probably would have been just as good.

Looking forward to checking out the SFx Mod 2.
I think I would be lying if I gave an answer... I own or have owned the SF, SFX, SFelite and T-100.. Each are unique in their own way and each one it's own could be considered my favorite. (In the Canik lineup)

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