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Most folks here report the Elite as a tack driver...someone uses the term laser beam...have you had another shooter run it to see if it is low for different eyes and hands?
Also, are you shooting off of a rest to minimize variables? Not saying it isn't shooting as you describe but reducing the variables in a situation will definitely allow people to help more.

Is the gun stock? New(ish)?

How are you lining up the sights (tops of front and rear sights on the same level)? Where are you putting the front sight dot on the target?
I own SFX and SC Elite, both are absolutely spot on during laser target practice. With live ammo (115 gr) my experience is the same as those stated above. I have been researching, and it seems choice of ammo can make a difference. That being said, it it hard enough to find any ammo, much less a varied selection. Allegedly, heavier bullets impact higher and lighter impact lower. I was fortunate to obtain some Federal synthetic coated 140 gr, which I plan to experiment with. I will post results here.
Sorry to hear,
Mine shoots 115gr, 124gr, and 147gr pretty much equally. Anything off, and I blame it on myself, not the ammo, then slow down and make corrections.

Neil 8-)
Removing sights from Canik

Good question..waiting also

Hello from UT

Welcome from Az.


Welcome from Az.

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