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By LT USN (Ret.)
Today, it happened. I retired. 👀

Forty-four years ago as as slim trim (read: skinny) 18 year old I joined the Navy. Twenty-four years later, I had my 1st retirement. 🏴‍☠️

Today, I closed the next chapter of my career and had my 2nd retirement. Federal service is behind me as an employer, they are now my benefactor. Keep the checks rolling in! 🏧

What the future holds,eh, who knows. But like the Grateful Dead sang, "What a long strange trip it's been". 🧟‍♀️

The one constant through it all, Wanda. My bride of <cough, cough> 41 years has been here through thick & thin, for richer or for poorer (much more frequent), in sickness & in health, and thru it all, my best friend.👰

Love her to death but if anybody ever needed your prayers, it's her. She gets me every day now. 😱

I am now living the life where every day is a Saturday and Hump Day has no meaning. 🐪 🐫
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By Janik
Congratulations on your second retirement. You're really fortunate to have two of them. I'll never even see one retirement. I will literally have to work till I die. But again, congratulations, that's awesome. Buy more Caniks and enjoy life. :)
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By LucaBrasi
Congratulations... good thing the wife can always send you to the range if you are getting underfoot.

"Honey, just think of this new gun as an investment in your sanity"
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By Badgerboy
Lgaam wrote: Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:17 pm
... They work at Disney part time so they can stay married.
Doesn't fit for USN...Disney already has a Goofy, Dumbo and Dopey. :YMBRINGITON: (only funnin' and said with respect, sir)
:-BD Enjoy your well earned free time, EL TEE!

Neil 8-)
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By Bfgloki
Glenn, congratulations my good man. I recently retired after 27 years of Air Force and because I was a good boy I don’t have to work with my VA and retirement checks eclipsing my AD pay. I do have a potential job which may be of benifit to the members here and make my name RED.. but until the handshake happens I will hold onto the good news. I am closer now being In CT and Maine most of my time so let’s make plans to swap war stories and shoot!
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