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Focused Discussions for all Canik Firearms. (TP Series, P Series, Shark, Stingray & MKEK)
By US1
Does one tend to be more reliable over the other on average?

Which do you prefer? The longer barrel on the TPSF or the shorter barrel on the TPSF Elite? I know the Elite has the fiber optic front sight and extended slide release. The TPSF seems similar to the Glock 17 in size and the Elite seems like the 19.

I've never owned a Canik and my son is giving me grief for considering one. However, watching numerous videos has me liking what the Canik offers.

What OWB holsters do you guys like to use?
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By Bfgloki
Get both? Lol for the price point both are at its definitely a viable option. If I had to just go with one though and actively seeking a carry option the Elite wins. Both are accurate/reliable/great shooters. So the smaller footprint is my only factor.
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By Janik
Both are boringly reliable. However, and it may just be me, but the Elite is by far the most accurate firearm I've ever owned. Both my Elite and Elite Combat. I'm also a Lefty, so I like the ambi controls on the Elite. I think it really comes down to what you intend to use it for. If you're considering carrying the firearm, I'd lean towards the Elite for the shorter grip. As for holsters, Check out Smoky Mountain Concealment and RedX Gear. Both offer top notch holsters.
I'm new on the Caniks but what I love is being able to do some mixing. I have the SF, the SFX and Elite Combat Executive. I've since swapped the SF and SFX lowers, just for a different color look, since my SF is ODG. I've also dropped my Executive upper on my friend's Elite.... which is a nice setup also.
I think Janik said it best "Both are boringly reliable" I'd put my stock SF up against any stock Glock on the Planet.... If I had one gun in my safe... And believe me, there are several... That I would honestly say I trust the most, it would be my SF.... Over 3000 rounds without a single hitch.... For me my Canik's are one the nicest looking polymer 9mm's that I own.... I have the SF, SFX and had the SF Elite... I also have a Canik55 (Tristar T-100) in my collection as well.....

As far as your son giving you grief.... Remind him who is the father and tell him you hope he grows out of the gun snobbery soon.....
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By zeda3000
Viva Elite Combat, if you have chance get Elite Combat and enjoy the shooting. Elite combat coming with great upgrades just shooter need it. After that you will may play only with small details. But flat trigger and new SAI barrel is really outstanding
By ncjw
Elite. The better slide release is the deal maker for me. The SF(x) is great, but I can't wait for the SFx Mod 2 with the Elite slide release.

As above, boringly reliable and accurate, you can't go wrong.

The Serpa OWB for the S&W M&P9 fits the Elite perfectly.
I can only speak to the Elite-S, which I own, and consider my favorite semi-auto handgun. It is one of two guns I EDC, depending on my clothing and activities. To quote janik from other posts "it is a laser beam"! One hell of a great shooter, and very comfortable. I'd say for the price, the Elite wins on features alone. I have night sights on mine and love it to death. I have to wrestle with myself to not shoot it every time I'm at the range. :razz:

Have fun! :smile:

Neil 8-)
By US1
Do any of the Elite models have a black Cerakote finish instead of the Nitride finish? I'm confused reading various dealers and their descriptions of the finish on certain models.
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By Janik
US1 wrote: Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:26 pm Do any of the Elite models have a black Cerakote finish instead of the Nitride finish? I'm confused reading various dealers and their descriptions of the finish on certain models.
Yes. Any black Elite model not labeled "One Series" is cerakote. Those are the ones that come with a full kit, such as 2 mags, holster, etc. It's a bit more than the "One" series, but you get more with it.
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