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I'm just sitting here wondering why I was booted from that crappy Facesuck group as well.... Had joined and within just a few days I got online and noticed it was gone and I was blocked. No arguments, no posting of prices or any other rule violation. Kinda pisses me off even though it was a joke and I probably wouldn't have stayed for long.
Funny same people run this forum that run that crappy Facebook group and the mewe group. Glad to know it was a joke. I mean i have no idea what happened with you but do know the original group with over 30,000 member got shut down or stupid stuff and rules got alot tighter in the back up group. Id ask if you bothered to message an admin or mod but your post says it all.
Help. I was typing a New Member Intro, saved a draft and now I cannot find it. Also, have tried to change avatar 2 times. When I click submit, I get a blank, white screen and nothing else happens.
UPDATE: I just typed the post again, never did find the draft. Also, I think it was pixel size for the avatar. I reduced it and it let me post it. But it would have been nice if it either told me that is what was going on, (not just a blank screen) OR just reduced it when it sucked it in.
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