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Yes Canik comrades... my retirement has finally arrived. I venture forth onto my new chapter of life. 27 years of Air Force now in my rear view mirror.
I leave San Antonio for the communist state of Connecticut, and share my time there, Vermont and Canada near Edmunston where the family enjoys land and a house on the lake. I will enjoy my drive and check in to see what fun is being had and then once I get my guns unpacked and the big eye in the sky tells me what I need to do so I can shoot them, I will be back at it with retired fevor!
First, thank you for your service. I mean that foremost. :-BD

Second, congratulations on your retirement. You are going to love it! Six years for me. Loving every minute.

You’ll be surprised at how busy you will be.
I've been to pretty much every state but only lived in three (0-22 in PA, born and raised and college / 22-36 in CT, first job, met a girl, married, had a kid / 36-now in NC). PA and NC are great. I left CT just after they imposed the first income tax there and it predictably crashed the economy.

One of the things that made CT bearable was the Blue Trail Range in Wallingford. It was one of the few 100 yd ranges around. I don't know if there are newer ones or how they are now, but worth a look.
Bfgloki wrote: Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:56 pm While the gun laws are nicer in TX I admit, I just can’t handle the heat and traffic of San Antonio. I will end up in VT and Canada more then anywhere and VT is a constitutional carry state!
I've not been to San Antonio yet, Houston traffic can be shitty but at one point a previous job had me driving from NY to Ct, Jersey, DC, Philly and occasionally NC and Atlanta so I'm use to bad traffic and in the grand scheme of things Houstons not the worst. Heat does suck but wins out over sub zero winters for me, some old injuries hate the cold weather. Vermont is nice have spent some time there riding motorcycles nice place from April til Oct or so. VT and NH are still pretty 2nd friends for now till more massholes and new yorkers move there and ruin it.
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