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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
This stuff in rifle ( I have the tactical and hunters) works comparable to if not a little above most IMR variants. The tactical has near identical performance to AR Comp in my findings (223, 308 and Grendel). I am testing sensitivity to temp swings and so far it’s OK.... not great but ok
My bolt action Grendel is a workhorse if a rifle. It has hunted, varmitted and 1k target shot all in the same week. 3 white tails , 24 hogs, an aoudad and 12 yotes in 6 months of ownership... 50-400 yds ( those aoudads are a pain to get close to). It’s currently my “One rifle to rule them all” until I get this 6BR built lol
I have been using Clean Pistol and Ultimate Pistol in pistol, and Precision Rifle in 223.

-Clean Pistol is visually indistinguishable from Accurate #2, and almost certainly was sold as Accurate #2 before the Western Powder days. I really like this powder (as much as I like Accurate #2), and I have yet to find a powder that is more consistent when shooting at the chronograph.

-Ultimate Pistol is slower than Clean Pistol, but faster than most main line pistol powders, like CFE, Accurate #5 or Winchester Autocomp. It is also a dense ball powder, unlike Clean Pistol which is a bulky ball powder. Performance has been very good with plated and jacket bullets, but the velocity with coated bullets can be all over the place. It will be perfectly fine in one gun, and 200 fps+ spreads in another. Or, my most extreme example, a 200gr bullet in 40S&W shooting 850fps in my HK USP and 400fps in my S&W M&P 2.0 with a KKM barrel. With that caveat, it shoots clean and keeps charge weights down compared to other ball powders.

-Precision Rifle is one of their extruded rifle powders and was probably sold as Accurate 4064 prior to the Western Powder takeover. They claim it is more temp stable than Varget, but I wouldn't bet on it. That said, it is a good powder with good accuracy and good velocity in 223. It is also a compressed load powder, as it is quite bulky for that cartridge. It shoots clean and shows minimal velocity spreads over the chrono. In fact, it replaced my old go-to extruded powder in 223 with was IMR 4064 when I started seeing 150fps+ spreads shooting medium weight bullets with that powder.
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