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I have shot competitively in this area for several years. Here is what the monthly competition schedule looks like, which runs year round. If anyone is interested in attending, I'd encourage that they contact the individual club directly. I've shot with all of them and they are all welcoming to new shooters. I am currently the president of the El Paso IDPA and Multigun.

1st Saturday: USPSA in Las Cruces. Location is on the Butterfield Range off I-10. Start time at 9am.

1st Sunday: IDPA in Las Cruces. Location is at Butterfield Range. Summer schedule (April-October) has setup at 7am with start directly afterward. Winter schedule (November to March) has setup start at 8am with start directly afterward. Match fee is $20. and ... 000694385/.

2nd Saturday: USPSA in El Paso. Location is at Range 2 of the Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club. Being military or a member of the club is not required, and it can be accessed directly from El Paso without going through a military gate. Start time is 10am. They have a website, but are most active through an email list that can be joined locally.

3rd Saturday: IDPA in both El Paso and Las Cruces. Las Cruces information is listed above. El Paso's loaction is at Range 2 of the Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club. Setup at 8am with start at 9am. Match fee is $20. ...

4th Saturday: Long gun match in El Paso with the IDPA club. This match varies throughout the year but can range from a Rifle or Shotgun only match to a 3-gun. It is mostly dependent on the expected weather/heat. The location is Range 2 of the Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club. Match fee is $20. Setup at 8am with start at 9am.

4th Sunday: USPSA in Alamogordo. Matches are held at Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range, La Luz, NM. Match fee is $20. Setup at 8am with start at 8:30am. and

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