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Basic Firearm and Defensive Skills and Training Discussion Section.
Bfgloki wrote: Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:49 pm Updates:
...but using all 5 current pistols every time.
On a positive note though I am getting used to "riding the dot" as it drops back on target and breaking a shot vs letting it settle , pausing then shooting. While groups open a smidge they are all in the "A" zone which if I was scoring it would be good.
I have to agree...shooting 5 guns every time is counterproductive. As the old saying goes..."Jack of all Trades, Master of NONE!

Keep the range sessions simple. Work on no more than 2-3 drills, 4 max. Repetition is the only way to build muscle memory. Lots of dry-fire is key. I'll use a small paper plate as a target, and using a timer with a 2 sec par time, I close my eyes, drawer and pull the trigger with my eyes closed at 7 yards. I hold the position and then open my eyes and see if the dot is on target. I'm now at a point where the dot is in the glass and usually damn close, if not on the target.

Last range session was just two 8" steel plates, working on draw, recoil management, and transitions. Began the session by drawing on one steel with one shot. Started out slow, focusing on a good draw, grip pressure and keeping the dot on the target after the shot. Then repeated with two shots on the target, then finally 2 shots on each target. Executed at 7, 10 and 15 yards.

You always want to end the session on a positive note! Something as simple as 10 shots on a paper plate at 7 yards, keeping the group as tight as possible.
That's interesting, Bfgloki.
I found a similar disrupt in my range visits a short while back when shooting "too many guns". I now shoot no more than two per visit, really focusing on either one of my two carry guns and my nightstand gun. I now let my wife shoot her two guns without me butting in. :P
I find that I am more focused with my drills and not over-concentrating on the different handling nuances of too many guns. My results are much better, and the time spent shooting is more enjoyable.

Neil 8-)

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