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By inletguy
which size comes on the elite combat & which one comes in the box...I believe medium comes on gun and Large in box-think I finally found a L on inside of back strap in box, but not sure it is an L

NOthing in manual about switching them - I have switched backstraps on Walthers, so guess it is the same??? There is a rod in small plastic box also containing alum wrench, extra front sight rods, etc. I suppose this rod is used to knock out the pin holding in back strap by tapping with rubber hammer- then put on desired back strap and knock the pin back in.

Please, someone help with this.thanks
By Lgaam
You got it. Knock the pin out and swap away. I can't speak to which size is mounted, but my Elite had the smaller grip installed. I'm pretty sure most come that way.

Neil 8-)
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I wish the Elite had swap-in side panels. I could use the smidge extra width.

Neil 8-)
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By One1
As has been said, just take the roll pin tool in the box and knock the pin out. Super easy. The large is always included as an option, the medium is always on the gun. Canik includes the large as a courteous gesture. Medium is the standard size.
By ginger
thebandit007 wrote: Sat May 16, 2020 1:47 am Do you have to remove the magwell before changing out the backstraps?
yes you do.

i had the large one on for one time at the range, and it pushed my hand awkwardly into the dove tail to the point it hurt. i figured i would like it because i have very large hands. but it didnt work well.
Hey yall I have the TP9SFX and I'm trying to switch the backstrap to decide which one fits better, however, I can not get the pin to come out or even move as if to be stuck. Any tips or tricks that would work to help solve this?
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