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Basic Firearm and Defensive Skills and Training Discussion Section.
What does everyone use for targets to train with? An old friend and former Marine Corps marksmanship instructor taught me to use a 10" paper plate. With the logic behind it being that if I can put every round on that plate no matter what they are all solid center mass hits. This was reinforced by a previous job where i had to qualify with a duty weapon using the FBI qualification which is a target with a 10" circle in the center. Goal is to keep all shots in the circle.
Original post by ssgndoc on the old Canik Fanatik Forum

It really can depend on the skill that is being worked on and practiced during a range session. Some times I use a full size silhouette, or a reduced silhouette, or one inch dots, two inch dots, an 8 inch circle, 3x5 cards, paper plates, etc.

as this section grows and we continue with drill of the month scenarios in the shooting skills section, I'm hoping we will get several members to share target types and drills they use for practice.

A couple of examples would be drills like "The Bill Drill" that Bill Wilson introduced to the shooting community or the F.A.S.T. drill that Todd Green started using about a decade ago.

The Bill drill uses a IPSC target at 7 yards. The shooter uses a timer and draws from the holster o the beep and fires 6 shots as rapidly as they can keep them in the A zone of the target. The goal is to go from holster to all shots fired in 3 seconds and maintain all A zone hits.

The F.A.S.T drill uses an 8" circle over the upper chest of a silhouette and a 3x5 target zone on the head of the target. It is shot from 7 yards as well with the pistol in a holster under concealment. Also, the magazine in the pistol has only two rounds loaded, and a spare mag is loaded with 4 rounds. At the beep the shooter draws from concealment, fires two shots into the 3x5 target zone of the head, reloads from slide lock, and fires the last 4 shots into the 8" circle. You can set your own goal times, but Todd Green would give out a challenge coin to people who could do the drill without misses in under 5 seconds. But they had to do it twice to get the coin.

I've used 1" circles when working on front sight focus and trigger press. Sometimes at 3 yards and sometimes at 5 yards. The idea was to keep 5 rounds inside of an inch on 5 consecutive circles. This is not timed an dis all about concentrating on that front sight and making a smooth rearward trigger press.

The Dot Torture drill that I posted as this month's drill of the month is a good one for making me practice everything from slow controlled fire to one handed fire, weak handed fire, mag changes, drawing from a holster, target to target transition, DA first trigger press, and DA to SA transition, when using a traditional DA pistol. It forces me to not skip some things I don't enjoy practicing.

So, there are lots of possibilities out there. But yes it can be as simple as picking up a big bulk pack of cheap paper plates and index cards, and training/practice value can be had.

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Original post by Lgaam on the old Canik Fanatik Forum

My go-to defensive training target is the speed/precision target. You get a simple outline with a box for the "high center chest" and a fatal triangle on the head. There are numbered/colored 3" shapes down each side and 2 8" boxes at the bottom.

There are several options for cognitive reaction drills or just presentation/reaction/engagement drills.


This is the target used by I.C.E Training for the Combat Focus Shooting, and most of their courses for that matter,(available from Amazon too, apparently). The similar target used by Gander Mountain Academy for their "Defensive Focus Shooting" courses also integrated this for the small circles:

I bought cheap paper plates, index cards and post-it notes that I can use as cheap targets. I did get some of the military style dense cardboard silhouettes with thin plastic membrane on them that I use as target backers. I then use cardboard boxes to patch the big holes once I've worn a big bit of the center out. Tried just paper for a while.


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