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Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading.
EDIT UPDATE....CODE "9124" to get 20% discount!!!

Code "54730" at to get 10% off.

Just thought I'd pass this along. Just ordered 2500 147g FN HiTek coated bullets for $176 including shipping.

This is a long term code.
I have tried their 135gr and 145gr lipstick bullets with no problems whatsoever. I wish they had a bit more of a color selection as it is always nice to be able to sort your bags of ammo by color at a glance when you are in a hurry (i.e. red bullets are 135gr, blue are 125gr, black are 145gr and the like). They do have the coolest packaging. 😀
Before I purchased my 650, I researched different bullets and decided I didn't want "Smurf" fingers when reloading! :lol:

Seriously, I spoke with different shooters at matches that were using coated bullets, and it came down to Blue or ACME. I decided to try a couple hundred ACME 147 FN as I had been shooting 150g Federal Syntech ammo at matches. The ACME were fine. Accuracy was good. Now I'm using 145g RN.

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