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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
I had this same problem with my SFX when I went from the medium to the small mag release. I would inadvertently drop the mag. Seems the opposite of what should happen but I think it comes down to the angle. My grip pressure acts kind of diagonal to the larger button so it gets trapped by my hand instead of pressed. The shorter button allows my had to press directly down on it and so it gets actually pushed in sometimes. Hopefully that makes sense.
Shot my local USPSA match today with my Rival. Had several failures to fire. It was my first time shooting some 115gr FMJ that I got from LAX. I think I have a 6# striker spring in there right now. I think I will probably switch to a 6.5# before my next time out. Today is not the first time I've had light primer strikes - and not just on the LAX ammo.

It's not my Canik, but... I shot an IDPA match with one of my 1911s last Saturday.

IDPA rules are oriented towards using a gun, belt, holster, and mag pouches that are what you would use for normal concealed carry. For ME, my Rival is too big and bulky for concealed carry, so I don't even have a holster for it that would be suitable for concealed carry. I could use the holster that came with it, under a "tactical vest" and that would be legal for IDPA. But, I think I would also have to change back to +0 base pads and buy some "normal" double stack mag pouches. All in all, too much trouble.

So, for IDPA I generally shoot my actual EDC gun, holster, and mag pouches. The only thing I change is my normal carry setup is with 38 Super. I change out the barrel and recoil spring for a 9mm setup and use mags for 9mm instead, when I shoot in IDPA.

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