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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
Seeing as I commented about @2strokeYardSale video (pretty good shooting BTW), here's mine from this past Sunday.

You can tell by my "speed" that my upcoming entrance into the "Super Senior" category is well warranted.

And away we go!

Proof that until you holster, you can still shoot.

Sorry it's not a Canik video. I was debating shooting my Rival because of the potential of malfunctions with this Open gun. The gun ran fine but two different magazines turned into salt shakers and torpedoed my match. I met Frank the Tank while I was working as an RO and one of his Canik mags failed on the same stage my 140mm mag failed. Interestingly enough, both he and Nils were using the stock Rival molded holsters. :-O

Anyway, I'll be shooting my Rival more starting tomorrow.
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