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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
EddieZoom wrote: Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:49 am Been awhile since I checked in or posted. Latest match video for your viewing pleasure :-D
SFX continues to be a rockstar !!!
So you triple-tap most all the targets that have a no penalty non-scoring area; how's that been working out on your scoring?

The added time is not an issue as you get the third shot of quickly. Have you noticed more scoring hits this way.
Been working pretty well :-D

I tend to triple tap swingers because they cause me headaches. If I am triple tapping a stationary target (regardless of hard cover or no shoots), it's to setup for a mag change while on the move to a new array.

I alternate IDPA/USPSA matches so I tend to shoot to slide lock even during USPSA's just muscle memory at this point.

Sweet trigger, and fast finger mostly make up for bad habits :lol:
After a month of no shooting due to Hurricane Ida damage, we finally got back to shooting a USPSA match. As long as it didn't involve picking up branches, trees of debris, I was game!

The match was only four stages due to a bunch of the normal shooters were still cleaning up after the storm and there was some tree damage at the range.

Stage One was a classifier. My only "Mike" of the day was on the left-hand target.

Stage Two was pretty straight forward. Twenty-three "Alphas" and seven "Charlies". I'm slow but I get there.

Stage Three had a couple of twists if you weren't paying attention. Two of the steel were forward falling. One guy hit one it three times thinking it wasn't falling but he was holding it up.

This video runs longer than normal. I really thought I had two Mikes (misses) on the same target. The Range Officer came over and pulled our his template for measuring holes and such. He was able to show, due to the grease marks, that I had two Charlie hits vice two Mikes. That saves a BUNCH of points.

Stage Four involved a wide variety of shots. Short, long, windows, around corners and a 180 trap. Twenty-two "Alphas" and ten "Charlies". I'm slow (still) but I get there (eventually).

All in all a good time was had by most all.
Here are the videos from my first level II match, the Sugar Cane Classic in Donaldsonville, LA. This was a multiple time delayed match due to the evil Covid and hurricanes.

It was literally a "blast". Ten stages over two days with two stages being field events. No, they were actually staged in a really big field. Stage 9 is one of those stages.

I missed filming 4 stages due to my stinkin' camera. It is going the way of the Dodo as a found a great deal on a GoPro 9 and I will be picking it up this week.

Check out stage 8 if you only look at one video; it was tubular.....

Christmas Present Time!

No, it's not a new Canik, it's a new camera. Got a GoPro Hero 9 on sale (way cheap) and here are my first posts with this camera. We had a short (only 3 stages) all steel match. Way much fun. My only comment is there were no moving targets.

P.S. Camera does not make me shoot any better (or me look any better).

First course of fire of the day. Much poo-poo.


Shot my first ever IPSC match today, using my TP9SFx, with a Holosun 507C-GR on it. Carry Optic division.

As you can see, on this stage I had a jam after the 2nd shot fired. I had another one on a different stage that took much longer to clear. I believe it was the Pro Mag 18-round mags I was using, which I was stuffing to full capacity. Super annoying! I have 2 x 20 round factory mags and was also using those. Never had any issues using the factory mags.

I have GOT to get some more factory mags! This is such BS that Canik hasn't had any 20 round mags available in the entire time I have owned this pistol, which is well over 6 months. And now they don't have 18 round mags, either. So frustrating!

SFXowner wrote: Sun Feb 13, 2022 9:34 am Fun stuff. I have found I need to download in most stages if I am going to reload. Doing a tac reload on the run and then you don't fully seat the mag when you already have one in the chamber has been one of my hiccups.
I had to do a tac reload on every stage. I know there was some luck involved, but every one went in and worked just fine. But, that is why I reserved my mags with base pads for using during those reloads. The base pad sticking out the bottom definitely seems to help ensure I jam it solidly up in there, so it fully seats.
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