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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
"How did you spend your Sunday [mention]LT USN (Ret.)[/mention]?"

Why pounding out rounds! Stage two was eaten by the evil video Gods; I have no clue what happened but it be gone.

Bonus points were given to everybody as the "feels like" temp was 105. Humidity, as per the normal, was off the charts. Summer in the South sucks! **==

Well, for the second match in a row, the video Gods ate my stage two run. That's OK as it was an exercise in, "DUH! What a dumb@$$!".

I was watering myself (hot, hot, hot!) and a voice said, "Hey, you're up!". What?! I was following Hoov last round but for some reason, and unannounced, they changed the shooting order.

I got to the stage two start, and shot the 1st magazine. Cool, so far. Mag 2 had 5 rounds, mag 3 had 4 rounds and mag 5 was full (10 rds for Production). By then I was way out of sync, all my planned rounds counts per target array were tossed out the window and it ended up being the worst run of the day. Plus there's the mud on my face..... :((

So here is the lesson for the day; always after completing a shooting run, do not pass go, do not look at somebody else's girlfriend, do not go to the bathroom, but DO RELOAD!

This is why not getting the video was a good thing in the end.

Here's run one.

And here's run 3 and 4. We combined the start to save time as they were in the same bay.

The end... (Still beats the hell of of doing yard work)
Sorry Guys...been super busy and traveling, so I've been MIA for the last month or so.

Shot my first IDPA Classifier last Thursday evening. It was the 5x5, all targets at 10 yards, first string draw and shot 5 shots freestyle. Second string draw fire 5 shots strong hand. Third string only 5 rounds in the gun, draw and fire 5, slide lock reload 5 more shots. Last string, draw and fire 4 to the body and 1 to the head. Pretty straightforward.

Shot pretty well. I ended up at 25.46 sec. Raw time was pretty fast18.46, but was 7 down on the stage. Three shots were within 1/8-1/4" of the down zero perf. Based on the time I classified as Sharpshooter, 0.46 away from Expert. Realistically based on my last IDPA match, SS is pretty much where I should be.

Didn't bother to take any video seeing it was just a single stage classifier.

Shot a USPSA match today, and man was it hot!!!
Now I know how [mention]LT USN (Ret.)[/mention] feels! :lol:

Shot well except for stage 3, the classifier...figures. On the last string reload, weak hand only, I completely lost the dot! :oops:

Overall I finished 5th for the match. Best stage finish was 3rd. Got 3 of the 5 stages on my cell and haven't look at the POV videos yet, but I know I had a problem because I think it was stage 4 where I turned it on, pressed the record button, it beeped and shut off. Figured I'd do the cell vids first to show off the "Canik Team Jersey"! :-D Got a number of complements on it and with the heat, it wicked the sweat away and helped to keep me cool. :-BD


Stage 1...

Stage 2...

Stage 4...

Tired and heading to bed. I'll see if I can look at the Mobius POV vids tomorrow.
Today's fun at a local "unaffiliated" match.
It was only the second time I shot my TP9SFX with the Burris FF3 (first time was sighting it in yesterday). I went from a 6 MOA Viper to 8 MOA on the FF3, and it has improved my ability to pick up the dot quickly.

A fun and gun more than anything else. Simple stage design that is easy to set up/tear down, with each stage being run 2x.
Both stages required engaging targets through ports that also counted as no-shoots (yes a couple of people did hit them and take penalties).

A buddy of mine at the match shot video of my last stage, and his commentary is always entertaining.

This is a video lesson on how to screw up a match. There's the good (well, OK), there's the bad, and then, there's the really freakin' ugly.

Run 1. This is in the category of "the good". 4.8 HF and it was fairly quick, 19.5 seconds.

Run 2. This is the really freakin' ugly. Six poppers in 13 seconds! WT(Heck)! I never saw the sight, I didn't put my readers on and, I SUCKED! B-(

Run 3. Back to the "OK" again. Seems on this day the longer the course of fire, the better I did.

Run 4. Double foot fault. <shaking head slowly side-to-side> Two shots from outside the ropes, ROPES!

Run 5. Only slightly sucky this run. One "Mike" is enough on a short run to shoot yourself in the foot. Figuratively, not literally.

BUT! All-in-all, it beats the hell out of cutting the grass.
Finally took some "ME TIME" off from the kitchen project to shoot the Aiming For Zero Match in NH this past Sunday. It's a charity match with the proceeds going to help prevent veteran suicide. Second one I've shot and have to say they've been two of the best matches I've been to. Shot well to. Won my division, CO C.

Here's a few stages for your viewing pleasure...

LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:35 pm Great runs. Congrats on winning your division.

I could not physically do #6 with my back as it is. One big "no shoot" for me. As Clint Eastwood said, "A man has got to know his limitation". X_X

They had some challenging stages for sure. Fortunately I can still move around fairly quickly. I actually had the fastest time of all the CO shooters on Stage 1. Giving the "youngins" a run for their money!!! :lol: Unfortunately the 5 Deltas hurt my HF. Still managed a 6.15
Shot my one IDPA match for the month and set two new "firsts"...

First...I managed to get my first stage win! :-D
Felt good from start to finish.


Second...I took my first "DIGGER"! :o
From the start position there was a piece of steel with triggers a turner, and then depending on whether you go left or right, you expose yourself to a threat that must be taken before advancing to the far targets. UNFORTUNATELY I left my shooting shoes at home and had on an old pair old canvas boat shoes. :sad: They were pretty much "slicks" on the bottom.

After taking the steel and turner, I was heading to the far left targets and forgot to engage the exposed threat on my way, as I hit the brakes to stop and reengage, down I went. My main focus as I was falling was to watch the gun and make sure I didn't break the 180. Fortunately I kept the gun pointing down range and managed to finish the stage. Still had a decent time despite the fall. Just wish I had someone filming it on my iPhone! :sad:

At the request of [mention]GlennSFX[/mention] videos from this weekends USPSA Match.

No stage 1, in the rush to get ready I never heard the Director shout, "ACTION!" No film at 11.

Stage 2. Good run, lots of options for Production an Limited 10 shooters. Note to self: Do not judge times against shooters with 20+ rounds in a mag.....

Stage 3. Most fun run of the day and I actually scored A-C on both long range targets.

Stage 4 Qualifier. This is an example of how to "screw the pooch" on a qualifier. Only reload issue of the day and it was on the shortest run of the day.

LT USN (Ret.) wrote: Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:07 am At the request of @GlennSFX videos from this weekends USPSA Match.
Hey [mention]LT USN (Ret.)[/mention]...

Couple nice runs there!!!
I think if you spend a little time doing some dry fire reloads, you'll quickly get it mastered.

Here's a few constructive points...

First...you want to grab the mags from the carrier with your index finger running along the length of the mag. This will give you better control, and you'll use that finger to "point" the mag into the magwell/gun.


The base of the mag is too high in your hand, see where I circled the baseplate. The baseplate should be closer to the base of the meaty part of the thumb and palm. The way you're holding it, any slight movement in your wrist will result in the top of the mag moving half an inch or more in either direction, pendulum effect.


Try a little less rotation in the wrist. I typically reload with the magwell pointing around 7/8 o'clock. Keeping the gun high in that position makes for a more normal insertion line. I keep my index finger in place until the mag starts to make it's way in, and then open it up to firmly seat the mag. It should always be a "FIRM" push/seat into the gun. You shouldn't have to "reseat" the mag.

In the next two pictures, I have my wrist rotated more than I normally would. This was to get a better picture of the insertion.

Indexing the mag into the gun...


Opening up the insertion finger and thumb, and using the palm to seat the mag home...
You'll notice the index finger is still pointing in the direction of the mag, and the baseplate is the middle to low part the palm.


Mag drills are great to do at home. It's all muscle memory! Put a couple stickies on the wall, aiming at one, make like it's your last shot, then bring your eyes to the next sticky/target, reload and acquire the target with your sights. You should be able to get to the point where you don't even look at your reloads.

If you look at my "Stage 7" video above, after shooting the first six target, I run to the next shooting position with my eyes focused on the target making my reload on the fly. In the POV video you never see my head/camera drop down to look at the reload.

Hope this helps!

AND...now there's no excuses for not having "time" to get some dry fire practice it!!!!!!! :lol:
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