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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
How about the Ataturk statue located in Samsun,Turkey where Caniks are manufactured.

If Colt can do it so can we!
Atuturk Statue
Atuturk Statue
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For my local experinces, Turkish people never happy to share name with Bird. even the Canik company will not like this Mascot. ^#(^

Samsun City municipality has this logo for city. Ataturk statue is very important for city. Ataturk start Independence War from Samsun city.


I guess Mascot could be apolitical without touching any history or nations.

But what about two headed Eagle ? Eagle likes by US people also this is symbol of Canik Pistols.

I just found somehting like that in google , we may do that with pistol model.

A little trivia...Ben Franklin lobbied for the official US symbol to be the wild turkey, not the bald eagle. He felt the bald eagle was not majestic, but a carrion feeder. But since the mascot thing is dead, then I won't recommend Bucky Badger...
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