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Discussion for Competition Shooting.
Who all on this forum is a competition shooter? What type of competitions do you generally participate in? I'm pretty new to competition, and still getting my feet wet. But I've noticed some people are carry optics only, some only shoot IDPA, others only 3gun. I've been shooting almost my entire life, but have never really entered the competition realm till recently, so I don't really have a favorite yet. I do find shooting steel though to be a lot of fun, and prefer it to paper targets.

Anyway, how many competition shooters do we have on here? I know our FB group has quite a few, but I'm curious how many are here on the forum.
Just joined both IDPA and USPSA. They both shoot locally here. My first match is yet to be shot as I didn't like the holster that came with the SFX. I have another holster on order. I am also interested in trying 3 gun but I have realized that I will have to ease my way toward that just because of the equipment/cost required. I'm an old guy and just want a hobby to go have some fun. Over Christmas it occurred to me that I have a gun safe with guns that I never shoot and I asked myself, "why have this stuff if I am not going to enjoy it?". I have a friend who has a small gun shop and he is helping me get rid of some firearms that don't meet my need and fill the gaps with guns like the Canik SFX. I won't be at a national match wearing a jersey and giving JM a run for his money but I will be the guy locally/regionally who is always up for some fun shooting and friendship.
Flingit1200s wrote: Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:47 am I won't be at a national match wearing a jersey and giving JM a run for his money but I will be the guy locally/regionally who is always up for some fun shooting and friendship.
Me too. My only interest in getting into comp shooting is for the fun of the sport. I have no illusions that I would rise to the top as a top gunner. But, I think it'll be a lot of fun, and help hone my skills. Like you, I recently sold off a bunch of guns sitting around collecting dust, and put some of the money towards firearms and gear that I'll actually use. My days of buying guns just because they are cool or interesting are over, I am now focused on function and use.
I have been shooting IDPA for about 12 years. I also work at least two matches a month as a SO and until our local indoor range went belly up I was Co-Math director for a two night a month indoor match.

I have shot IDPA with revolver,CDP,SSP,Esp and lately carry optics with a CZ P-07 with Red Dot

I have just recently shot USPSA for two monthly matches. They are smaller matches and they don't get two complicated in stage design but there are two large matches available to me close by. I will try CO when I get my TP(SFX set up.
I also participate and SO and match set up in GADPA(Great American Defensive Pistol Association) which was a discipline created when our club left IDPA. It is a blend of IDPA/USPSA. We have one big match a month and there are indoor matches around the area and we have an evening match once a month in a lighted outdoor bay.
I also shoot revolvers in ICORE.
I also shoot local Carbine matches with AR-15 and also AR9 9mm .
I stay pretty busy with matches and practice but I am retired so it works well. I have always been a shooter but never got into competition till about 12 years ago and wish I had started early. My Wife usually ask "where" I am shooting, not "if" I am shooting.
Started last year (2018) with IDPA, that was the main reason for buying the SFX. Started out with a two evening IDPA orientation last Feb and a Sat live shoot, with a couple stages to test shooting ability and safety. Been to 4 matched shooting Carry Optics (CO) with one scheduled for next Saturday. Hopefully the weather cooperates! Also been to 3 Steel Challenge matches...those are a blast! I joined both IDPA and USPSA, but there's not many clubs here with USPSA shoots. The first one I scheduled was cancelled, and will be registering Monday for a Feb shoot once it's available to sign up for. Hopefully can get into that one and the March one.

The thing about these competitions is, you really need to get to the outdoor range to practice, shooting paper indoors just doesn't cut it. I usually get to the outdoor range early to make sure I can setup in a single bay and not tie others up. I've made some target stands for both cardboard and steel. Spent Thursday night and this morning making an 8" plate rack. It's a lot more fun being able to shoot on the move and work on drill! I have a couple single 8", and a 2/3 silhouette, so the plate rack and cardboard should really help! Next is to figure out how to build a Texas Star!!! :-?

Set up...

Broken down...

Separate 8" targets...

Signed up for a Level II USPSA match the end of March, Low Country Battle at the Beach in NC. My son signed up so I figured why not join in on the fun. His birthday is the weekend before and we usually fly into Charlotte, but now we'll all meet at our place in Myrtle and attend the match together. Should be a lot of fun!!!
Got into USPSA last year, and fell for it hard. I actually am shooting for Team Overwatch Defense this year, with a few other sponsors thrown in, which makes me feel awesome because while I'm far from the best shooter out there most nights, i like to think of myself as a great steward of the sport. That being said, if anyone wants some custom cerekote work done dont hesitate to hit me up, happy to answer questions for those guys down at Overwatch!
Well if this "AWESOME" Fanatik Competition Team Shirt doesn't put me on the "Competition Shooter List"...I don't know what will!!!!! :-BD

"LC" shout out to Shawn for a great job on the new competition shirt design.!!
I have to don't do it justice! Especially with this old mug in the shot!

Have an indoor USPSA match on 2/2 and will be sporting it proudly.





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