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We are giving away one Reduced Power Spring Kit from Galloway Precision. This spring kit will work on the Canik TP9SF Elite, Elite Combat and TP9SFx.

Winner will be announced here on the forum January 20th. Along with the spring kit, winner will receive a Canik Fanatik t-shirt in their color/size choice. Shirt design can be any of the three models listed, based on winners preference. Elite Combat sample shown.

To enter, all you need to do is respond to this thread with which model or models you own that will work with this kit, and you will be entered. A random number generator will be use to select the contest winner. Please only respond to this thread once, multiple posts from the same user will be removed.
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Here is a link to the product page on the Galloway Precision website, along with a tutorial video on how to install. ... e-pistols/

I installed a kit for my TP9DA recently and it was an easy install. I'll be doing a write up and range report shortly. The spring kit reduced the double action pull from 10lbs to 8lbs, and the single action from 5.5lbs to 4.25, which is a significant improvement to me.

We would like the winner of the spring kit to give us feedback here on the forum once installed and test fired. It's great to have companies such as Galloway Precision continue to support Canik owners, and continue to offer an increasing amount of aftermarket products for the brand.

If you would like to discuss the spring kit upgrade in detail, please create or refer to a thread in the Canik General Discussion section. This thread is for contest entries only. Thanks.
What a nice way to find out the site is back up! I’ve got a stock SFx (plus optic) and this would be a great first step and intro to mods. And I expect this would work just fine in the SF which I also have, stock.

Thanks for the chance!
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