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Basic Firearm and Defensive Skills and Training Discussion Section.
Original post by ssgndoc on the old Canik Fanatik Forum

This month we will present the FAST drill.

The FAST drill or Fastest stands for Fundamentals, Accuracy &Speed Test. It was developed by Todd Green. This was used in his classes and he would award a challenge coin to students who could actually shoot the drill twice in a row to his standards. What are the standards?, you ask. Here they are:

Target consists of a 3"x5" rectangle above a 8" circle.

The drill is fired at a distance of 7 yards.

Two magazines, 6 rounds, a concealment holster and a shot timer are required.

The first magazine contains two rounds, the second mag is loaded with 4 rounds, and the pistol is loaded via the first mag, and placed in the holster and the pistol is to be in concealment (under a cover garment).

When the timer beeps the pistol is drawn from concealment and the first two rounds are fired at the 3"x5" rectangle. At slide lock the shooter performs a reload, and then fires the last four shots into the 8" circle.

In order for a student to have been awarded a coin they had to shoot the drill with no misses in under 5 seconds, and be able to do it twice to those standards.

Once again, this drill may not be able to be performed to these exact standards based on range rules, or folks not having a shot timer (phone apps are available, but some are less stellar than others and may pick up shots from other shooters and prevent you from getting accurate times.) If you need to start from a low ready or from picking up the firearm from a table or bench top at your range, then do that.

This is not going to be an official Fastest and there is training value in running through it slow at first or running it at closer range at first. but the ultimate goal is to be able to get to a range "cold" and be able to draw from concealment and perform this drill in under 5 seconds.

Below is a link to a site where you can download the targets and read a bit more about the test.

More info and targets:

Another option is to buy some cheap 9" paper plates, and some 3"x5" index cards and place them on a target backer. Keeping your rounds out of the fluted edges of the paper plates is pretty close to an 8" circle.

For this month I will be putting up some money for a Canik Fanatik t-shirt for the winner.

Same rules as last month. We can't really verify distance, time, etc. over the internet, so, the winner will be drawn randomly from the participants who post pictures of their results. Also since I seem to have set the standard that the drill of the month kicks off in the second week of the month, we won't pick a winner until after the first week of July.

Get out there and get some good practice in that adds some value to your range time, and be sure to post some pictures of your targets.

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