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WatchingTime wrote: Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:58 pm Does anyone know if Canik will be offering the METE series for the USA market? I saw on Reditt that someone indicated the METE is the same as the Elite Combat, but this is NOT true... due to the fact the Elite Combat cannot co-witness with a red dot (in fact, with the SC version offered in the USA, the co-witness can only be done with one of the micro red dots).

Does anyone know what shot show might reveal for a new Canik offering? BTW, Canik, if you are reading this... please offer a de-cocker version of the EC. Hundreds of thousands of Sig 229's and HK P30's, among various other models, have been sold with de-cockers. There is obviously a large market for de-cockers! Note: before anyone chimes in and says you cannot de-cock a striker fired pistol, then go read up on the Walther P99 for which the Canik is modeled after. :0)

Cheers, and maybe someone who is more knowledgeable than myself can chime in. Thank you in advance.
Century Arms is notoriously quiet when it comes to introducing new products but I highly doubt whether the Mete series will come to the US. It seems to be targeted only towards military and law enforcement. Sometimes there are contractual reasons why companies keep two different brands of essentially the same gun.

My memory sucks but I thought that Canik said that they would be shipping the SFx Mod2 in 2019 at last year's SHOT show but that didn't happen. If they announce it at this year's show, it could still mean a late 2020 US release based on when the SC showed up.
ncjw wrote: Sat Dec 28, 2019 6:47 pm Besides the long awaited, available in many countries already but not in the US, SFx Mod2, Canik has an SF Mod2 in their catalog now. Cool! Had I known, I may have waited to get it instead of the SF I just bought (assuming the same $275 price point).

In any case, enjoy:
Looks like the only difference is they added the same slide stop as on the Elite, but not ambi. To me there's no real improvement. Wait for Shot Show at the end of January for the 2020 catalog. That's when we'll find out if anything new is coming to the U.S.
It should be noted in the OP that the Elite SC is the only Canik to come with a dual captured recoil spring.

It also has a serrated angled rear sight for kicking the slide with one hand, specific to the Elite SC concealed carry.

It also has a loaded chamber indicator in addition to the striker indicator.

The mag release on the Elite SC is the smallest one offered, nearly level with the grip to eliminate hitting it while carrying.

The pinkie grip plate on the 12 round mag allows the Elite SC to have a flat baseplate that does not print, but gives the extension for the pinkie finger giving it a full grip.

The Elite SC is the only
Model to come with a glow in the dark phosphorus front sight.

The slide of the Elite SC is heavily milled with lightening cuts inside the rear to make the gun nose stay down when firing. Because of this the shortest gun they sell has some of the best recoil management of the TP9 series.

Several other things I can write up and add for this Elite SC that was done specifically for concealed carry.

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